Microsoft Post Internal recommended-SW Engineer II for Cloud Service

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Microsoft's recent open positions:

Azure Big Data Cloud Services and Cosmos is key components of Microsoft's big data strategy. We have exciting opportunities for Engineers @ All levels!

Cosmos is a massively-parallel distributed system comprised of tens of thousands of commodity servers, coordinating to Pro Vide vast reliable storage and stunning computation power. Every day we process hundreds of petabytes of data from Azure, Bing, AdCenter, MSN, and Windows Live. Every day we run thousands of computations, that read and write petabytes of data. The underlying service needs to being unimaginably fast, and it needs to be rock-solid reliable.

The Cosmos Team (part of the overall Big Data Cloud Services Team) are on path to scale to exabytes of storage in coming ye Ars. Our users run computations through the sum corpora of human knowledge-multiple copies of the World-wide-web and all of the Structured data/imagery linked from it. A ' small ' computation for us reasons over terabytes of storage within a few seconds; Computations that read petabytes is becoming more and more common.

The Big Data team in C&e are effectively part of a bigger team located in Both Bellevue, WA, USA and Beijing.

Big Data team in C&e are looking for developers to help advance the state of the art in multiple areas, such as, Front End Cloud services, services management and Telemetry/analytics. The engineer would design, implement, and deliver one or more important Big Data services, components, or tools.

This was a fun and fast paced environment and a great opportunity to work in something highly strategic to Microsoft. We have very tough competition and there is a lot of challenges for us to tackle.

Candidates is expected to has following qualifications:

? Love to design and write good code

? has great technical passion, strong problem-solving skills, drive for results, and ability to work independently

? has experienced full product life cycle; Managed project development and schedule to a successful shipping

? Good communication and collaboration skills

? Fluent in one of the major programming languages:c, C + +, C #, or Java

? Experience in one of the following Areas:hadoop, MapReduce, operating system kernels, distributed systems, storage sys TEMs, and compiler and development environment

? Minimum of 3 to 5 years of software development experiences.   Bachelor degree in computer science or a related field is required. Master or Ph.D. is preferred.

Microsoft is equal opportunity Employer and supports workforce diversity.

If you want to try this position, please contact me, I am an employee of Microsoft, can do internal recommendation. Send your resume in Chinese and English to my e-mail: (at)

Microsoft Post Internal recommended-SW Engineer II for Cloud Service

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