Microsoft released multiple function updates for ASP. net mvc 2 preview Edition

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ASP. net mvc is a Front Controller Web development model launched by Microsoft after ASP. NET WebForms. It makes up for the shortcomings of the former, such as lack of HTML control capabilities and difficulty in unit testing. More importantly, ASP. net mvc Based on MS-PL release, is a real open source framework-and no platform restrictions, that is, you can use in mono or Develop ASP.. net mvc project.

In fact, Microsoft released ASP at the March this year MIX conference. net mvc rtm, some ASP. net mvc 2 plan, and some functional prototypes of V2 are implemented in the MvcFutures project included in the official code source. After more than four months of silence, Microsoft finally released the Preview 1 version of ASP. net mvc 2, and asked the community for feedback and suggestions in the Forum. Rest assured that ASP. net mvc 2 Preview 1 can coexist with ASP. net mvc 1.0 RTM without affecting the normal use of the latter.

Scott Guthrie detailed and briefly introduced the new features in Preview 1 in his blog. The "topic" of ASP. net mvc 2 is "Improving productivity". The main functions of Preview 1 include:

◆ Area): Area provides the function of grouping controllers and views. This feature can be used to build a separate part of a large application. Each Area can be independently stored in different ASP. net mvc projects and referenced by the main application. This feature can be used to cope with the complexity of large applications and make it easier for multiple teams to develop the same application at the same time.

◆ Data Annotation Validation): ASP. net mvc 2 provides the built-in Data tag verification function. This function is used. the Custom Attributes Required, StringLength, Range, and RegularExpression added to NET 3.5 SP1 are used in ASP. NET Dynamic Data framework and.. net ria Services. With this function, developers can add verification rules for the Model or ViewModel. The ASP. net mvc Framework automatically performs data binding or UI verification.

◆ Helper Method for strong UI: ASP. net mvc V2 contains a new html ui helper method, which uses a strong Lambda expression to operate Model objects in the View template. In this way, you can fully obtain the smart prompts of IDE when writing view code. More importantly, it provides a better testing capability for views during compilation.

◆ Templated Helper method): this function can automatically select a template based on the data type. For example, when a System. DateTime input function is generated in the view, a date selector template is used. This is somewhat similar to the Field Template in the ASP. NET Dynamic Data framework. However, the templated auxiliary method in Preview 1 is designed for the ASP. net mvc framework.

In addition, Microsoft also announced the ASP. net mvc 2 road map. In addition to the public content in Preview 1, Preview 2 includes the following features:

◆ Client verification: Build a client verification function based on the templated auxiliary method and data tag verification function in Preview 1.

◆ Strong input) auxiliary method: Use a strong expression to build an input element for the Model. These auxiliary methods also use the data tag verification function to reduce errors such as spelling errors ).

◆ Strongly typed link) auxiliary method: with the help of IDE smart prompts, use a strongly typed expression to generate links for specific controllers and actions.

◆ Asynchronous Action: Provides the method for developing actions without blocking threads, which can significantly improve the scalability of the site, especially when external resources need to be accessed.

◆ Area) function enhancement: You can better organize applications in the same project without splitting them into multiple projects.

Other improvements: Continue to fix known issues in ASP. net mvc 1.0 and ASP. net mvc 2 Preview 1, and perform API enhancement based on user feedback, as well as some minor new features.

Except Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman and ASP. phil Haack from the net mvc team also introduced ASP in his blog. net mvc 2 Preview 1, MSDN and Channel 9 also provide a further explanation and demonstration of the "templated auxiliary method.

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