Microsoft Silverlight 4 officially released

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Silverlight 4 browser plug-in (Silverlight
Runtime ):


Silverlight 4

Http:// B /4/5B46BF8A-9350-49D5-B1E7-7789818FBF41/Silverlight4_Tools.exe

New features in Silverlight 4:


Silverlight 4
Technical White Paper:


4. Download the training course:

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Microsoft Silverlight 4
Offline Document Download:

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New features for application developers

  • Extensive print support, enabling of written reports and files, and virtual print preview, regardless of the content on the screen;
  • Contains more than 60 form controls that can be customized and configurable style components. The new controls include those with hyperlinks, images, and edit and shield text boxes.
    RichTextBox for complex field verification. The enhanced control includes columns with sorbility/resetting sizes and DataGrid for copying/pasting columns;
  • WCF Ria services introduces enterprise-level network and data access to build multi-layer architecture (n-tier) applications, including transactions, data paging, WCF and HTTP
  • Localization enhancements include bidirectional text, right-to-left support, and complex scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, and 30 new languages;
  • . NET Common Runtime (CLR) now allows the same compiled program code to be executed on the desktop and Silverlight without modification;
  • Enhanced Data Binding support, Data grouping/editing, and string format setting in binding to increase elasticity and productivity;
  • The managed scalable architecture supports the establishment of large-scale composite applications;
  • Unique Silverlight tool support, which is Visual Studio 2010
    New features in, including the design interface that can be completely edited, drag-and-drop Data Binding, automatic binding controls, data source selection, integration with expression blend style resources, Silverlight
    Project support and complete intelliisense.

Developer Tools

  • A complete editable design interface that allows you to draw controls and configurations;
  • Rich attribute editors and value editors;
  • Drag-and-drop support for binding controls and automatic creation of binding controls, such as ListBox and DataGrid, new data source window and Selector;
  • Based on the designer resources created in expression blend, you can easily select styles and resources to create beautiful applications;
  • Provides built-in project support for Silverlight applications;
  • A complete intelliisense editor with XAML, C #, and VB.

Provide richer and more interactive experience

Silverlight is already a widely used platform, which can be used for both applications and pure media cases (including HD quality, through smooth streaming
Interactive Video) Build rich experience. Silverlight 4 provides additional features to allow you to build richer and more attractive high-performance interactive experience and innovative media experience:

  • Smooth interface enhancement can improve the application's Usability Through animation effects;
  • Network cameras and microphones allow you to share video and audio in chat or customer service applications;
  • The native recording function of audio and video can capture raw videos without server interaction. Therefore, many user interaction and communication cases are enabled, such as video conferencing;
  • Place data in your application by copying, attaching, dragging, and dropping data;
  • The long list can now be easily rolled with the scroll wheel of the mouse;
  • Supports traditional desktop Interaction Models with new features such as right-click content menus;
  • Support Google's Chrome browser;
  • Performance optimization means that the Silverlight 4 Application can be started faster and the execution speed is 200% of the same Silverlight 3 Application;
  • Multi-touch support can integrate many pen and touch interactions into user experience;
  • Multicast Networks can reduce the cost of streaming broadcast events, such as corporate meetings and training, and perfectly interconnect with the existing Windows Media Server streaming infrastructure;
  • Playready enhances Silverlight DRM to protect H.264 media content;
  • Audio/Video streaming output Protection allows the content owner or publisher to ensure that protected content can only be viewed online through secure video.

Go beyond the browser

Silverlight 3 takes the lead in providing new levels of diverse Internet applications (rich Internet applications)
To operate on the desktop, no additional program code or runtime. Silverlight 4 is required to expand this function:

For sandbox applications:

  • Place HTML in your application to more closely integrate with Web server content, such as emails, instructions, and reports;
  • The pop-up notification window is supported, so that the application can notify the status or change information through the pop-up window on the taskbar when the user operates another application;
  • Offline DRM enables existing Silverlight DRM with playready Technology
    Working offline, protected content can be provided through continuous authorization, and users can immediately go offline and start to enjoy its content;
  • Controls all aspects of the UI, including window settings, such as the start position, size, and component block of the window.

For trusted applications:

  • Read and Write files to users' mydocuments, mymusic, mypictures, and myvideos folders
    (Or non-window platform peer folders), such as storing media files and obtaining local copies of reports;
  • Execute other desktop programs such as office, such as requiring outlook to send emails, send reports to word, or send data to excel;
  • COM automation can access devices and other system capabilities through calling application components, such as accessing USB secure card readers;
  • The new user interface requires the application permission to access outside the standard Silverlight sandbox;
  • The Group Policy object allows organizations to adjust which applications can have improved Trust;
  • Provide complete keyword support in full screen mode of more diverse information stations and media applications;
  • Network enhancement allows cross-domain access without a security policy file.

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