Microsoft verifies the blue pentagram with one trick. And passed the Microsoft genuine verification plan!

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The first problem to be solved: remove the annoying pentagram in the lower right corner.
Microsoft's latest anti-piracy patch has been installed.
Do you have a small star icon in the lower right corner?
It doesn't matter. If you are using Windows XP, after the latest elasticsearch update, will a WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage compliance) validation program be implanted in the system? This program will return messages to Microsoft's website through the network every time the system is started, which is really reassuring. Now you can clear it by removewga.

Removewga is a small program dedicated to clearing WGA. Users only need to use it to prevent Microsoft WGA from attempting to connect to the Microsoft website every time the system starts, in addition, you do not need to worry about Microsoft's genuine verification mechanism. You can still use the Windows Update function normally, and there is no conflict between the two.
Removewga 1.1)

If you do not want to manually delete
Windows Genuine Advantage notification (kb905474)
The Windows Genuine Advantage notification tool notifies you whether your windows copy is genuine. If you find that your system is not genuine, this tool will help you obtain a copy of the Windows License. Details...
This patch cannot be used because Ms is collecting user information.
Maybe the D-version has already installed this patch and updated the Windows Genuine Advantage notification items. But after carefully searching the registry, I found this hateful thing. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE // software // Microsoft // Windows NT // CurrentVersion // Winlogon // notify // wgalogon, delete it, restart (you must restart or you cannot delete the file on drive c). Then, wgatray.exe will not be automatically started. Then, delete wgatray.exe in C: // windows // system 32 and search again, delete all files in another folder and restart them. then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE // software // Microsoft // Windows NT // CurrentVersion // Winlogon // notify // wgalogon, and delete it.
If you have used it, please reply...

The second problem to be solved: verification by Microsoft genuine edition.
Open notepad (how to open it? Start-Program-attachment-Notepad)
Copy the following text to notepad

On Error resume next

Dim vol_prod_key
If wscript. Arguments. Count <1 then
Vol_prod_key = inputbox (this program will automatically replace the serial number of your current Windows and verify the full version through Microsoft. "& Vbcr &" serial number (invalid for OEM, XP vlk by default): "," Windows XP serial number auto changer "," MRX3F-47B9T-2487J-KWKMF-RPWBY ")
If vol_prod_key = "" then
Wscript. Quit
End if
Vol_prod_key = wscript. Arguments. Item (0)
End if

Vol_prod_key = Replace (vol_prod_key, "-", "") Remove hyphens if any

For each OBJ in GetObject ("winmgmts: {impersonationlevel = impersonate}"). instancesof ("win32_windowsproductactivation ")

Result = obj. setproductkey (vol_prod_key)

If err = 0 then
Wscript. Echo "OK! Go to Microsoft to verify it! "
End if

If err <> 0 then
Failed to replace wscript. Echo! The input CD-key does not match the current version. "
Err. Clear
End if



Save the preceding text as key. vbs and double-click it to execute the command. Now, go to the Microsoft official verification page.

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