Microsoft "Xiaoice" Dog and Artificial Neural Network (IV)

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7Month -Day, Microsoft "Xiaoice" project leader Li De said externally: in8month, "Xiaoice" will bring new image recognition techniques, for example, when "Xiaoice" sees a user-given picture of a wounded ankle, she will understand the meaning of the photo image and respond: "How did you get hurt" or "Why is it so serious?" "That is to say, by the year8month, the little girl will speak. This is after the "Xiaoice Dog", Microsoft (China) Another significant technological progress. Why?

in this document ( III , we have already mentioned the 10 large cabinets that support the "Xiaoice" dog function. When the first cabinet receives the above photo, the machine starts the "winding" (convolurion) action, in each "winding" action, the system needs to show some large database of relevant picture information, training (or guidance) system in constant forward " Winding "to increase the initial photo content understanding, appropriate information, until finally in the tenth cabinet output, let" Xiaoice "to the user to say the above care, thoughtful words.

The essence of the " winding" action is to let the system scan the information of the previous cabinet in order to determine the contents of this training, correctly guide the picture features extracted in the next cabinet, so that the machine can be more in-depth "perception" of the picture. It can be said that the purpose of the "winding" training is to continuously improve the system to the input image characteristics of the "sense" degree, the cabinet itself can be considered as the image recognition system "sensing area", "perceptual area" a more clearly than one to know the characteristics of the input image. The higher the number of cabinets, the better the final output recognition results.

why can "winding" training be achieved? Artificial neurons in cabinets why are you willing to take "training"? Why are you so "obedient"? Obey the command of the system? Each artificial neuron corresponds to a unique IP address, and each "winding" action involves a batch of IP addresses. The image recognition system is a typical parallel computation, like the brain's neural network cortex activity.

Currently, Win10 released soon, "wind and rain to come to the floor," the operating system with artificial intelligence of the news overwhelming, let "domestic operating system" advocates shame! Alack! What are the characteristics of artificial neurons, and listen to tell.

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Microsoft "Xiaoice" Dog and Artificial Neural Network (IV)

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