Migrate SQL server data to mysql and sqlmysql

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Migrate SQL server data to mysql and sqlmysql

The newly added project is just getting started, and many technologies have not yet been finalized. Originally, the team lead decided to use SQL server. These days they have been busy designing databases, creating tables, and writing stored procedures, I feel familiar, but yesterday I followed the team lead to participate in the Seminar on our project. I was rejected directly by the SQL server plan. It is not because of performance or anything, but because of --- Money. when talking to customers, I was cut down by millions. The director said that a set of SQL statements would take tens of thousands. we have to build more than a dozen servers in this project. This is really hard to afford. (Oracle, not to mention, is really expensive) so we can only be forced to use open-source mysql, which does not charge fees.

Therefore, the data of SQL Server is migrated to this end. I have no contact with mysql before. I have checked the information and practiced it. I feel that it is similar to SQL, and I will not introduce it in detail, here we will mainly talk about how to migrate data and how to write the corresponding stored procedure, because I have not found a way to directly migrate the stored procedure in SQL server to mysql, it may be that you do not have enough knowledge. If you want to know about it, leave a message below, and you will be grateful.

We used the mysql visualization tool Navicat this time. You can download it from Baidu.

Perform the following operations:

At this point, the connection failure error message may be displayed in the next step, which means that the mysql service is not enabled or the user is not logged on. You only need to enable the mysql Service (net start mysql) in the mysql Command window and log on to mysql (mysql-uroot-p) with the corresponding user.

The next step is to follow the prompts until the next step is complete. The next step is simple and will not be repeated.

Feeling: I don't feel it at ordinary times. In fact, the software we use, even the operating system, is cracked in many cases, that is, there is no money, however, when the real software development process is used, the gap between the Chinese software industry and the foreign software industry will be discovered. It is hard to imagine that every system we actually launch must be in the database, operating systems and so on to Microsoft, Oracle and other companies worth a lot of copyright fees. Where is the way out of Chinese software? I am not sure how to say it, but I believe that every progress, every communication, and every sharing can seem a small step, it can also form a 'butterfly effect' of a storm '.

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