Migration of gspca camera head to fs2410

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Port the gspca camera driver to fs2410


[Compiling environment] Ubuntu 8.10 + VMware + Windows XP

[Target machine] fs2410

[Cross compiler] arm-softfloat-Linux-GNU-gcc


1. Ensure that the USB and cs8900a of the target board work properly.

2. Download the camera driver gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz from the network

3. In linux-

Create media

Copy gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz to media and decompress it.

4. Modify the kconfig and makefile files in the USB directory.

4.1 Add source "Drivers/USB/Media/kconfig" to kconfig"

4.2 Add obj-$ (config_usb_spca5xx) + = media/to makefile/


5. Create the kconfig and makefile files in the drivers/USB/media directory.

5.1 Vim kconfig

Comment "USB multimedia devices"

Depends on USB

Config usb_spca5xx

Tristate "USB spca5xx Sunplus/vimcro/sonix JPEG cameras"

Depends on USB & video_dev

--- Help ---

<File: Documentation/video4linux/api.html>

5.2 Vim makefile

OBJ-$ (config_usb_spca5xx) + = gspcav1-20071224/


6. Modify makefile under Drivers/USB/Media/spcav1-20071224/directory:

Add the following content under gspca-objs: = gspca_core.o Decoder/gspcadecoder. O:
OBJ-$ (config_usb_spca5xx) + = gspca. o

Modify kernel_version = linux-

Modify kerneldir: = absolute address of the directory where the linux- is located (My is/hd2/linux-

Modify module_installdir = $ (kerneldir)/Drivers/USB/Media/

Modify module_installdir2 =$ (kerneldir)/Drivers/Media/Video/

Add cc = arm-softfloat-Linux-GNU-gcc


7. Make menuconfig to configure the kernel

7.1 multimedia devices --->

<*> Video for Linux
(Video-related options, but others are optional)

7.2 --- USB multimedia devices

<*> USB spca5xx Sunplus/vimcro/sonix JPEG cameras


8. Make

8.1 if errors related to gspca-version occur:

Modify the gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c
// Static const char gspca_version [] = gspca_version;

Change to static const char gspca_version [] = "00.60.00 ";
Add a macro definition # define vid_hardware_gspca 0xff

8.2 If the undefined reference to "_ this_module" error occurs:

<*> USB spca5xx Sunplus/vimcro/sonix JPEG cameras

Change to <m> USB spca5xx Sunplus/vimcro/sonix JPEG cameras

(I encountered this error! Why can't I directly compile it into the kernel? If you have solved the problem, please let me know
: Boat_man@163.com


9. After successful make
, In gspcav1-20071224
Gspca. Ko is generated under the Directory
, Copy it to the root directory of the host NFS service (for example, my/soure/rootfs ).


10. Start the target board
, Insmod gspca. Ko
Insert a scpca-compatible camera:

USB 1-1: new full speed USB device using s3c2410-ohci and address 2
USB 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
Drivers/USB/Media/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: USB gspca camera found. (zc3xx)
Drivers/USB/Media/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_probe: 4275] Camera type JPEG
Drivers/USB/Media/gspcav1-20071224/vimicro/zc3xx. h: [zc3xx_config: 679] Find sensor mi0360.chip revision 8001

Drivers/USB/Media/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c: [spca5xx_getcapability: 1249] maxw 640 maxh 480 minw 160 Minh 120
This indicates that the camera driver is successfully installed!



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