Millet Notebook air 4G How about millet Notebook air 4G Detailed introduction

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Recently, the millet combined with China Mobile published "Millet Notebook air 4G", its bright spot is to support mobile 4G, but also the use of virtual card design, air activation, open the box is used. So, what about the Millet notebook air 4G? Next, small series for everyone to bring millet notebook air 4G detailed introduction.

Millet Notebook Air 4G Detailed introduction:

Millet said, based on China Mobile 4G Internet network, covering the same as mobile phone network, with large bandwidth, not crowded, more stable characteristics. Traffic, built-in 4GB per month, a total of 48GB a year, worth 1560 yuan.

Its theoretical download bandwidth of 150Mbps. Live demonstration of the PPT, test site is Beijing Haidian District, the test environment is millet notebook straight 4G, test method is to use the Thunderbolt 9 software to download a 357, 67MB files, measured peak up to 80Mbps. That's 10mb/s, the fastest download of a movie is just 1 minutes.

Thunderbolt 9 is the latest replacement product introduced in June this year, using the latest developed advanced Peer-to-peer Transport protocol, completely revolutionized the download engine, download faster, higher success rate. According to the professional measurement, in the same network environment, download the same resource, Thunderbolt 9 speed before the Thunderbolt 7.9 version.

Specific configuration, 13.3-inch upgrade to Skylake six Daicouri family flagship Core i7 notebook processor, dual core four threads, the maximum frequency of 3.0GHz, performance than the current upgrade of 10%. 12.5-inch section of the basic configuration has not changed, but claimed to extend the duration of 11.5 hours, currently for the longest 9.5 hours.

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