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MLA Handbook for Writers of the papers.7th ed. New York:mla,2009.print.
And a copy, left to read.
MLA Style Manual and guide to scholarly publishing.3rd ed. New York:mla, 2008.print.

1. Summary

distinguish article content:
, your ideas/words;
described, your summaries and paraphrases of others ' ideas and facts;
Citation, quotation
Research steps:
1. Access to Literature
2. Compilation of documentation
3. Take notes
4. Write an outline
As for references, it is novel and enlightening to study the relationship between the "debt" and "borrowing" metaphors.

The study should be able to assimilate, synthesize, and articulate.

2. Excerpt

You'll direct your readers to the sources you consulted in arriving at your
findings, and you'll enable them to build on the your work. (xiii)

The MLA Handbook explains how to identify a topic and develop it through
The . (XVII)

we undertake the wish to explore a, probe an issue, solve
a problem, or make an argument in relation to what others has written (3).

secondary research...learning to identify and analyze the work of other
researchers would play a major role in your development as a student. The Sorts
of activities that constitue a paper--discovering, assessing, and
assimilating others ' and then articulating your own ideas clearly and
Persuasively--are at the center of the Educational Experience (3).

shape your thinking...the main purpose of doing are not to summarize the
Work of others-assimilate and to-build on it and to arrive at your own
understanding of the subject (4).

WorldCat ... Reference Universe ... Dissertation Abstracts International (10-12).

Keep track of sources so you could use for your paper. A record of such sources
is called a working bibliography (.)

bibliographic information is essential to researching and writing the paper ...
Be sure to enter all the publication information ... (that) required to locate each
Work (+).

Eventually, you'll transform your working bibliography into a working cited
list ().

Evaluating SOURCES ... Focus particularly on the authority, accuracy, and currency
Of the sources you use .... Readers comment on such matters as the importance of
The subject, the originality and soundness of the argument, the accuracy of the
facts, and the currency of the (33-34).

When the considering any resources, being sure at least one date was assigned to it (PNS).
timeliness is important.

note-taking is essential to,... ($)

Types of note-taking ... Summary. Paraphrase. Quotation (in).

try to being both thorough and concise...not quotation but also ...
summarizing and paraphrasing authors ' ideas (+).

developing an outline can -help-you-see the logical progression of your
argument (in).

Try out different possibilities ... Factors is important to the shaping of a
Thesis Statement--your purpose and your audience...describe...explain...argue ...
persuade...resist These remptations (inclusion of irrelevant or repetitive
material) ... leads your readers to care about your investigation, your
presentation, and your conclusions (+).

A Complex society that depends on well-informed citizens strives to maitain
High standards of quality and reliability to documents that is publicly
circulated and used in govement, business, industry, the professions, higher
education, and the media (*).

Incompetent--incapable...dishonest, willing to deceive others for personal
gain .... The serious consequences of plagiarism reflect the value the public
places on trustworthy information....tie between we writting and our sense of
SELF...A Personal Voice (+).

cite their sources and to mark the passages they quote (SI).

The purpose of a pater is to synthesize previous
Scholarship with your ideas on the subject....but the material you borrow must
Not be presented as if it were your own creation (in).

Take the title from the title page.

An original thinker...a skillful writer .... The accuracy of quotation in
writing is extremely important ().

If The translation is not yours, give it source in addition to the source of
The quotation (104).
point out the translation "source"

All the builds on previous .... In presenting their work,researchers
gererously acknowledge theri debts to predecessors by carefully documenting each
sources, so, earlier contributions receive appropriate credits and readers
can evaluate the basis for claims and conclusions .... And whenever your draw on
Another's work, your must also document your source by indicating what do you
Borrowed--whether Facts, opinions, or quotations--and where you borrowed it
From (126).
As for references, it is novel and enlightening to study the relationship between the "debt" and "borrowing" metaphors.

Cited only the sources you have consulted directly (126).

in the sciences, where timeliness of the crucial, the date of
publication is usually given prominence (127).
Time limitation in natural science research is very important.

provenance:the Place, Sth originally came from (Oxford Dict).

in building a entry, you should know which elements

fully identifies your source to readers (.).

alphabetize entries in the list of works cited by the author's last name (131).

Treat The published proceedings of a conference like a book,... (177).

Inclusion of the URL has proved to the limited value (182).

Insert a brief parenthetical acknowledgement in your paper wherever
incorporate another ' s words, facts, or ideas .... References in the text must
clearly point to specific sources in the list of works cited (214).

Identify the location of the borrowed information as specifically as
Possible (215).

MLA Handbook for Writers of the papers notes

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