Mobile app idea: extended "Talking Tomcats"

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Talking Tom cat is very interesting at the beginning. It's a bit tricky to play it a few times. It's the same for a few friends.

I thought about it today and thought it could be expanded to more SNS:

For example, the "rich emoticons" application:

  • Users who install TomDirectly associate the mobile phone number,Search for contacts that have installed this application in the address book and automatically become friends;(ProcessSimilar
    360 of"Message")
  • Used to record messagesSomeFunny extensions;
  • After the recording is complete, play and send it to your friends.

Note: It is best not to pass the video here. Audio and action scripts are enough.

Application scenarios: funny,Apologies, confession, and some embarrassing scenes are better than face-to-face videos, and the size is much smaller, making recordings and text messages more incomparable.

Messages and chats are both one or two times, with enough stickiness. Do you know if someone has done this?

Of course, if you want to expand, you can add some pet development rules.

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