Mobile app new "Battlefield" mobile banking app become the banking time bomb?

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According to statistics, 2014 China's mobile phone users about 500 million people. The exponential growth of mobile phone virus makes mobile payment security face the unprecedented challenge: User account password leakage risk, property security risk and so on.

The fact that most banks use mobile banking apps that lack regulatory security standards and procedures to fully implement the necessary security tests on their applications can result in many bank mobile applications exposing important data to hackers unknowingly. Place bank customers using mobile banking apps at risk.

A number of survey reports show that most mobile banking apps, including the well-known large financial institutions, contain many configuration and design flaws with very poor security. 80% of mobile banking apps are not configured correctly and do not follow the right software development practices, including Bank of America (which is one of the world's first financial institutions to launch mobile banking services), Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Captital, and fiancial.

Mobile security company Praetorian points out that the current security issues in mobile banking apps are not business logic or specific software problems, but a pervasive security weakness in the mobile application industry--on the one hand, mobile banking apps are mostly not native apps, but packaged HTML mobile sites, So vulnerable to attack, on the other hand, a lot of developers do not do things, such as they rarely security scanning of the app, nor the use of sophisticated encryption algorithms to ensure the security of the app.

Mobile era, the application of the King! The outbreak of mobile virus has just begun, in the next few years we will see a large number of mobile phone virus automatic manufacturing tools, and the emergence of advanced mutation virus. At the same time, a large number of enterprises due to changes in IT architecture to deploy services to mobile phones, coupled with corporate data and user private data and mobile phone portability, making mobile security battlefield more smoke. Banking in the fierce competition in the mobile side, in addition to develop a good application of security development habits, but also with love encryption and other security platform to actively cooperate, internal and external repair, more conducive to the competition in the mobile market to win.

Mobile app new "Battlefield" mobile banking app become the banking time bomb?

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