Mobile App Program Development

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First Stage: Demand planning

In the requirements phase of the product manager in-house requirements discussion: Discuss the next version of what needs to focus on, what functions, how to do. Through repeated research, discussion, output interactive program.

Confirm the feasibility of the requirements: the product after the output of the interactive program to find the appropriate development and discussion of the feasibility of the project, the discussion phase of the product and development of different ways of thinking, often will wipe out new sparks, new surprises, but the discussion control is not good or will evolve into a product and programmer of the tear Force War, hehe.

UI design: Our members make the interactive solution of the product more vivid, but not all the beautiful designs can be achieved. In this process, we need to coordinate the communication between the team members and develop the design specifications. At the same time ensure the quality of the design draft, the progress of the draft. Demand advocacy: pull all of the project members to preach when the interaction and implementation logic is refined and the bug, other optimization requirements, etc. of the previous version are integrated into the full version requirements document. The purpose of the preaching is to make the project members clear about what the new version needs to focus on, what function to do, why to do it (emphasis), how to do it, explain the interaction plan or design draft, give everyone a whole impression, let everyone understand the meaning of version function.

Phase II: Demand Development

Project start: After the requirement is preached, develop the requirement review according to the product requirement document, evaluate the research and development period, the time of the measurement, the pre-release time point and the official release time.

The product launches the item according to the result of the review. Research and Development: in the process of demand development, product follow up research and development progress, maintain and develop communication to ensure that needs are correctly understood, timely solve the new problems found in the development process. Test Cases: Product, test, development together confirm version test cases, and synchronize the requirements and details of the changes in the development process.

Measurement: Product acceptance Development Output function module, and output experience regression document; Test the requirement logic according to the use case, make bug, optimize to develop. After the intranet environment test passes, the test continues to validate the pre-release environment and the formal environment.

Phase III: Release

Release: Back-end development, operation and maintenance personnel will code published outside the network environment, the front-end output outside the formal package. Product operations will be formally uploaded to the DA Zhuo market or Ios-appstore arraignment.

Upgrade: All Android Channel packs are updated, or Appsore approved, and the new version does not find any problems when the backend development and operations personnel open the upgrade configuration and send upgrade notifications. Operation Report: The release of the version is not finished yet, after the release of the new version, the collection of user feedback, data monitoring, data analysis, evaluation of the new version of the functionality and impact, to verify the new version of the functionality and output under the release requirements development and optimization recommendations.

Mobile App Program Development

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