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Auto SMS is an Android app that allows you to send pre-configured text messages at any time. The most useful scenario is when you are driving. If you cannot resume text messages when something is going on, Auto SMS can send you a message. You can not only use this reply message, but also reply to the caller if you cannot answer the call when you have a call.


Of course, Auto SMS can also be used in many other cases. If you are in a meeting and want the customer to know what you are doing, this can also help you.

You can choose to create N kinds of themes, including whether to automatically send text messages or reply to missed calls. You can also select who can receive your automatic reply.

There are also some additional functions, such as sending messages to someone on a regular basis, but you are not sure when to send them, you can create an instant message that needs to be sent to someone, you can send messages at any time.

In addition to instant information, you can also create periodic information, which will be automatically sent at the specified time.

Another important feature is that the app can read text messages for you. You can select text messages for a specific period of time or all text messages. Auto SMS will read them one by one.


Easy to install

Automatic reply: unreceived calls from the SMS that is automatically replied

Reply message: you can set your automatic reply to missed calls and text messages.

Gadgets: On/Off parts that are automatically replied with one click

On/Off Automatic: You can set the automatic reply on time, even if you don't have to worry about closing the automatic reply.

Set the ringtone mode: it can be set to the mute mode. The ringtone mode is automatically restored after it is enabled or disabled.

High battery efficiency: automatic text messages are not lost at "OFF" or the battery is "not in the Schedule", which helps maintain your battery efficiency.

Other features:

1) if the same contact sends a text message)/calls again within 2-3 minutes, only one automatically replied message is sent.

2) select to prompt you to choose to reply to the recently used message.

3) You can set different SMS messages and missed calls.

4) You can set the "reply once" option to the meeting of each plan.

More features are coming soon.

Version 2.4.3

1) added the notification option to mail notifications so that the "Wait For start" notification can be cleared.

2) Add a menu for the stock application.

3) fixed errors

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