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In various business situations, PowerPoint presentation becomes an indispensable form of communication, such as customer meetings, business meetings or private meetings. By presenting a PowerPoint presentation, you can make the other person more aware of your intentions and increase the success rate of your business negotiations. WPS Mobile version with PPT playback, automatic playback and sharing playback functions, to meet the needs of different business occasions demo.

PPT Document General Playback

Many business elites often present PowerPoint presentations for customers in a mobile office environment, such as cafes, business halls or offices. At this time, with a PPT playback function of the WPS mobile version to come in handy, to support the PPT/DPS/PPTX and other format document playback, and compatible with the SmartArt PPT document, so that the demonstration more intuitive.

After opening the PPT presentation document, hand pointing to the "P" icon on the WPS mobile interface, in the "General" point "Play" button, and then entered the PPT demo mode, and in the demo process, just hand pointing to the screen, you can switch to the next slide, in addition to setting up the demo effect, To attract the attention of customers and effectively convey important information.

PPT Document Auto Play

Unlike the SAT conference format, presenters can hold small meetings on any occasion, with the help of a tablet computer equipped with a WPS mobile version and a built-in "autoplay" feature. In the Conference room, simply connect the tablet with the display device of the display, the projector, the intelligent TV and so on, you can play the PPT content synchronously to the audience through the large screen.

After entering the automatic demo mode, a bit of the screen, and then set the slide switch interval, and whether or not to open the Loop playback function, set up after the screen again, WPS Mobile version will be on the large screen automatically demonstrated PPT, so that is to liberate the speaker's hands, And let the audience can be more intuitive and clear understanding of PPT content, so that the PPT presentation more exciting.

Wi-Fi Direct share playback

For a PowerPoint presentation, the slide itself is never the protagonist of the demo, the audience is the protagonist. So you should try to make the PowerPoint presentation work simpler and easier. The WPS Mobile version of the built-in Wi-Fi Direc technology, can realize the PPT of the Wi-Fi sharing playback, meet in the company, meeting site and outdoor occasions such as PPT "wireless" demonstration needs.

First, make sure that the shared-playback tablet is an Android 4.1 platform and is fitted with the latest WPS mobile version client. Open the WPS Mobile version on the tablet, load the PowerPoint presentation you want to share, then click on Share playback, change the network, WiFi direct connection, and then follow the prompts to make the two devices WiFi connected.

Next, the two already WiFi-connected tablets, with the WPS Mobile version can be used to achieve PPT sharing playback. In the WiFi sharing playback, the WPS Mobile version is as easy as playing the native PPT, sharing the playback can also be added to the original animation, blinds, sliding, appearance and other demonstration effects, so that the PowerPoint presentation atmosphere more active and relaxed.

Overall Rating: For business people who often want to demonstrate PowerPoint, to successfully complete their business presentation every time, you must have a demo tool that is outstanding, and the "union" of tablets and WPS Mobile will not only meet the needs of business people to demonstrate anytime, but also through WiFi Direct technology enables shared playback, making business demonstrations easier and more comfortable.

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