Mobile development-third-party chat service and third-party chat in mobile development

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Mobile development-third-party chat service and third-party chat in mobile development

The popularity of mobile Internet has spawned a large number of third-party services, such:

-Umeng and Flurry

-JPush and push of the remote message PUSH Service

-User crash report collection: Crashlytics

-Release of the test version: TestFlight (acquired by Apple only for iOS), Fir, and dandelion

This list can be very long, just like the way society develops. With the development of depth and specialization, the division of labor in society is becoming more and more segmented. It can be predicted that software development in the future will be as simple as Lego blocks, with countless modules and components to help complete basic and universal functions, everyone only needs to focus on the R & D of their core modules, reflecting their own characteristics.


Now, we are going to discuss the third-party chat service today. Now the social modules in apps are becoming more and more common, so the chat function becomes an indispensable module. So should we do it ourselves or use third-party services? I think it depends on the following conditions:

1. Is chat your core module? For example, QQ, it is hard to imagine that such apps do not implement their own chat functions.

2. Is there enough manpower and time? Chatting seems simple and hard to do right. Correct protocols should be adopted, and network conditions of mobile devices should be taken into account. Different message formats such as text, images, expressions, videos, and audios should be studied, network packet loss, offline messages, and so on. It takes at least three months to create a usable and Useful chat function. This often misses some opportunities in the mobile Internet era.

3. Is chat message data your core value? The third-party chat service means that the chat message data is stored on the peer server. Data Synchronization cannot be performed in real time, and data analysis will be delayed, even in many cases, the chat message data may not be synchronized to your own server, nor can you save long chat records.


If you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the third-party chat service, you can make the right decision. Currently, there are many third-party chat services available on the market. I have compared the following services:

1. huanxin:

2. rongyun:

3. LeanCloud:



All three services support iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

Service Text Emotion Image Voice message Video messages Location message Real-time voice Single chat Group Chat Room Customer Service
Huanxin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Rongyun Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
LeanCloud Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No



Huanxin: registered users less than 3 million or less daily active users are free of charge for life.

Rongyun: the charging function includes chat message synchronization, server message broadcast, and exclusive server. Billing is based on the number of active users per day.

LeanCloud: 500 free active users per day, 1 RMB/thousand people/day after exceeding the quota.


Suppose we need to use the message synchronization function of the cloud, we can compare the price of different daily active users (monthly ):

Service 0.1 million 1 million 5 million 10 million
Huanxin 0 50000 250000 500000
Rongyun 2000 10000 20000 Telephone consultation
LeanClund 3000 30000 150000 300000


Huanxin is the most friendly and free to small apps. However, as the number of daily active users increases, the cost is also the highest. The price of rongyun is the least if it is more than 0.3 million daily active. The LeanCloud price is centered.



Huanxin: It is very convenient to integrate huanxin with the existing system. The only requirement is the registration of the huanxin account. The general process is as follows:

1. The server registers existing users in the email box at one time. The general method is to use the UserId in the existing system to register the email account, so that you do not need to maintain the email account ID in the existing system.

2. When the APP creates a new user, it creates a mail account.

3. When the APP deletes a user, it deletes the email account.

4. The client uses the SDK to log on to the hichina mail. You only need to know the recipient's email ID to establish a chat window to communicate with each other.



Rongyun includes two types of sdks: IMKit and IMLib. IMLib provides a complete set of basic chat frameworks, but developers need to integrate and develop their own UIS. IMKit contains IMLib and provides a complete set of UIS required for chatting. It is very friendly to developers who do not need to customize the UI.

The integration of rongyun is very similar to that of huanxin. You do not need to make too many changes to the existing system. You only need to provide a set of user authentication modules:




LeanCloud is an all-in-one mobile app background solution that provides Storage, Message, Analysis, and Module support for a series of mobile app background services. Therefore, if you need to find a complete and all-in-one solution, leanCloud is a good choice.

LeanCloud integration looks quite convenient and does not require user verification at all. It just needs to ensure that the ClientId is unique in its own applications. However, LeanCloud does not provide a complete set of UIS, so you need to design and implement some complex UIS by yourself. Of course, LeanCloud provides some demos for reference:

  • LeanChat for iOS
  • FreeChat

LeanCloud also provides some interesting open resources, from which you can see that this is an interesting company.


In short, the three services have their own merits. You can make a good choice based on your own needs. Zhihu has a lot of discussions above:

Has anyone used the instant messaging (IM) service? Which of the following is the most stable cloud communication LeanCloud?

I recently used IM to compare LeanCloud, rongyun, and huanxin. What are the advantages of LeanCloud?

In addition to huanxin, does instant messaging still have recommended brands?

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