Mobile device Management and OMA DM protocol V5 (1)

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1. OSI Seven layer protocol model
1.1 Why mobile device management is required
Along with the rapid development of 3G technology in China, the data business is bound to become an important means of communication between consumers and enterprise users, and these trends pose significant management challenges to mobile operators (while extending mobile data services to different mobile devices of different network types are also challenging).
Mobile Device Management (Device Management) is a response to this management challenge and ensures that all mobile devices connected to the carrier network can provide high-quality mobile data services. Mobile device Management provides support for mobile devices such as 2G, 3G, WiMAX, and so on. OMA based on OTA (over-the-air) Device Management Framework provides a solution for mobile device management, the OMA-DM protocol is clearly independent of the hosting network, so this protocol can be used for a variety of networks, including mobile cellular network, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, etc. It spans 2G, 3G, and WiMAX technology.
Redbend Software announces the world leader in chip innovation industry Intel has been authorized to use the Redbend software company's vdirectmobile Device Management (DM) client software on Intel Centrino 2 processor-based Intel embedded WiMAX chipsets. The first Intel chips fitted with Redbend software were mainly used on laptops built with Intel chips, and were shipped during the "Back-to-school" period in the fall of 2008. The laptop is now available through operators Clearwire and UQ in the United States and Japan respectively.
In order to fully understand the OMA based on OTA (over-the-air) device management, this article will follow the OSI protocol model from the high to the end of the sequence to explain, and finally detailed description of the OMA-DM protocol.
1.2 Why the OMA protocol should be fully explained
The OMA-DM protocol is clearly independent of the hosting network and is not known for the underlying transmission between the device and the server. The protocol can be used in many hosting networks, including mobile cellular networks, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and so on, spanning 2G, 3G, and WiMAX technologies. So if we want to do OMA DM software that can adapt to all kinds of network environment, we must study the similarities and differences between different networks.
1.3 OSI seven-layer protocol model
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, a standard reference model proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1984, is now recognized as the basic structural model of network communication. Most of the network communication protocols used today are based on the OSI model architecture.
For example, Beijing's Mister A wants to tell America's Mister B goods have been issued, the process is such that a letter is written in Chinese, the letter is given to the Secretary, the Secretary throws it into the mailbox, the post office chooses the delivery route of the letter according to the addressee's address, packs the letters to the airport, and the airport is responsible for transporting the letters to the United States.
The following issues need to be considered to complete this process:

1 What is the way to contact the other person, e-mail or ordinary letters
The application layer (application), which determines the interface between the user application and the network
2 credit in Chinese or English, a selected Chinese
The presentation layer (presentation), which encodes data, compresses data, and encrypts data.
3 The two sides to establish rules before communication, when to start and when to terminate
Session layer, which establishes, maintains, and terminates sessions between devices
4 The secretary found that the other party did not receive the letter, whether to send another letter.
The Transport layer (transport), which provides a reliable or unreliable end-to-end service
5) From what line sent to the United States.
The Network layer (network), which selects the best path to transfer information from the most appropriate path to the receiving end
6 The Post Office stamped on the letter to add the necessary information to facilitate the United States postal System confirmation
The data link layer, which is the frame of the package, the transmission of data to increase the synchronization of information, calibration information and address information after packaging into data frames
7 whether the letter is by train or by plane.
That is, the physical layer (physical), responsible for 0 and 1 of the transmission, the use of what transport media, 0 and 1 on the online way to express.

To complete these procedures this letter can be sent to the United States Mister B, but because B does not understand Chinese although get the letter but can't understand the content. The OMA protocol is to solve this problem, so that all communication between the network using the same language.

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