Mobile phone QQ5.7 Group phone How to initiate mobile phone QQ reservation Group phone Use tutorial

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  NOTE: Mobile QQ must be updated to 2015 of the 5.7 latest version

1, if you want to make a group call, you must first have a discussion group. Discussion group in mobile phone QQ home Page-group-Discussion group options, click to select the discussion group you need to.


2, after opening the discussion Group chat page, click the "Phone" button at the top right of the page, then the pop-up menu button at the bottom of the page, select the "Reservation Group phone" option.


3, in the pop-up page needs to fill in the group phone booking information, you can fill in the relevant topics, and then select the group phone start and end time. When you select the start and end times, you can switch instead of sliding mode by clicking on the option to choose Time.


4, choose a good time, click on the top right corner of the page "complete" button, and then QQ will pop-up system message prompts, QQ Group telephone booking success, as shown in the following figure.

5, click QQ Pop-up booking successful message, then you can jump directly into the appointment page, the page select the "Cancel the appointment" option, you can cancel the group phone appointment.

6, in the QQ group telephone appointment cancellation, the appointment interface will pop out of the information, while QQ will automatically send system messages, prompts us that the group phone has been canceled.


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