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This post is a zero basic learning post, summarize and accumulate some basic knowledge ~

1. Basic gesture

Various gestures in touch-screen devices evolve from these 10 basic gesture combinations.

2. Common action

The basic action is the most commonly used action in the touch screen interface, such as opening, selecting and so on.

An object-related action is an action on a target object on the screen, such as resizing the picture, selecting, deleting, or moving a file, and so on.

A navigation action is an action on a screen view, such as switching the screen, scrolling the screen, zooming the Web page, and so on.

Drawing the action is to draw the way to indicate certain operations, these graphics are the best commonly used graphic graphics, in line with the user's psychological expectations, such as the picture hook to confirm that the picture fork to cancel.

All of these are touch screen devices commonly used gesture operation, I have seen the most complete summary.

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