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Intelligent operation

Mobile internet has gradually become a trend, but the operation of the mobile phone is always inferior to the computer, the simplest one to enter the operation of the Web site, the big trouble. This requires mobile phone software more intelligent, considerate, able to "try to figure out" the user's intention to automatically complete the user's needs. Proud Mobile Browser For this purpose, the introduction of the smart Address bar features, so that mobile internet access to become as comfortable as the computer Internet.

Intelligent full-complement web site

The intelligent complement is actually the automatic completion function upgrade, includes two parts: part of the Web site automatically completed, such as the input "Ta", will automatically fill up for the "", there is the automatic completion of the network protocol, such as "http://www.", such as ". com", ". cn" and so on.

Smart Read History, Favorites

In addition to the input URL of the intelligent completion, AO Mobile browser will automatically extract the user's collection and access to history, according to the user's custom to provide the most users need URLs, really do a little open.

Click the Address bar to activate the Smart Address bar and display the user's access history and favorites. Drag up and down, the list of URLs will automatically expand, and can scroll up and down the page.

Intelligent Search and recognition

The address bar can also be used as a search bar, and the advantages of this computer browser are also transferred to the mobile phone. Proud Mobile browser can be smart to identify keywords, automatically enter the search mode.

One-click Delete and URL copy

Mobile browser not only difficult to input, copy, paste, delete as very difficult. Proud to travel the address bar to fully consider the needs of various aspects, provided a key to delete, as well as the long copy URL and other functions.

Delete key

Click Select All

Long Press to appear Edit menu

Hundred Change button

At the end of the address bar we will also see a button, which will vary with the status of the Address bar, to provide users with the most needed functionality.

Enter text as Search

Enter URL for Go (goto)

The read process is stopped

Read completion is refreshed

Proud Mobile Browser is still a beta version, although not clear the official version of the launch time, but from the current performance look, fast and stable, full-featured, various details exquisite and intimate, has completely surpassed the current mainstream mobile phone browser level, I believe its official version will bring us more exciting experience.

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