Mobile phone access to the PC website automatically jump to the mobile site code

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<SCRIPTLANGUAGE= "JavaScript"> functionmobile_device_detect (URL) {varThisos=Navigator.platform; varOS=NewArray ("IPhone","IPod","IPad","Android","Nokia","SymbianOS","Symbian","Windows Phone","Phone","Linux armv71","MAUI","untrusted/1.0","Windows CE","BlackBerry","Iemobile");  for(varI=0; I<Os.length;i++)        { if(Thisos.match (Os[i])) {window.location=URL;} } //because quite a part of the cell phone system does not know the information, here is to do temporary special identification if(Navigator.platform.indexOf ('IPad') != -1) {window.location=URL;} //This is partly because the core of the Android phone is also Linux //but navigator.platform display information is different, so from the browser, that is, using navigator.appversion information to make judgments  varCheck=navigator.appversion; if(Check.match (/Linux/i)) {//X11 is a platform for UC browsers and can be attached if other special browsers are available   if(Check.match (/Mobile/i)||Check.match (/X11/i)) {window.location=URL; }  } //class In_array functionArray.prototype.in_array= function(e) { for(i=0; I< This. Length;i++)  {   if( This[i]==e)return true; }  return false; } }mobile_device_detect ("");</SCRIPT>

The second type:

<Scripttype= "Text/javascript">Try {varUrlhash=Window.location.hash;if (!Urlhash.match ("Fromapp")){if( (Navigator.userAgent.match (/(iphone|ipod| Android|ios|ipad)/i))) {window.location="";}}}Catch(Err) {}</Script>

Third Kind

<Scripttype= "Text/javascript">//JavaScript DocumentfunctionUrlredirect () {varsuseragent=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase (); if( (Suseragent.match (/(Ipod|iphone os|midp|ucweb|android|windows ce|windows Mobile)/i )) {//pc Jump Mobile End        varThisurl=window.location.href; Window.location.href=Thisurl.substr (0, Thisurl.lastindexof ('/')+1)+'mobile/'; }}urlredirect ();</Script>

The second one has been tried, yes. But there's a

Window.location.hash. Haven't figured out what it means.

Mobile phone access to the PC website automatically jump to the mobile site code

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