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4G ERA, mobile site has been very common, the general mobile site has a two-level domain name to access, such as if the phone directly access to is a PC site, on the phone to browse the computer version of the site experience is very bad.

If you can mobile phone access to PC-side computer website automatically jump to the mobile site is good:

The code is as follows:

Put the following code in the home area

123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142 <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> functionmobile_device_detect(url) {        var thisOS=navigator.platform;        varos=newArray("iPhone","iPod","iPad","android","Nokia","SymbianOS","Symbian","Windows Phone","Phone","Linux armv71","MAUI","UNTRUSTED/1.0","Windows CE","BlackBerry","IEMobile"); for(vari=0;i<os.length;i++)        { if(thisOS.match(os[i]))        {    window.location=url; }           } //因为相当部分的手机系统不知道信息,这里是做临时性特殊辨认 if(navigator.platform.indexOf(‘iPad‘) != -1)        {  window.location=url; } //做这一部分是因为Android手机的内核也是Linux //但是navigator.platform显示信息不尽相同情况繁多,因此从浏览器下手,即用navigator.appVersion信息做判断  varcheck = navigator.appVersion;  if( check.match(/linux/i) )          {   //X11是UC浏览器的平台 ,如果有其他特殊浏览器也可以附加上条件   if(check.match(/mobile/i) || check.match(/X11/i))                 {   window.location=url;    } //类in_array函数 Array.prototype.in_array = function(e) {  for(i=0;i<this.length;i++)  {   if(this[i] == e)   returntrue;  }  returnfalse; } }mobile_device_detect("");</SCRIPT>

The in the penultimate line is the mobile URL you want to jump to.

There is a relatively simple JS code, test can also

123456789101112131415 <script type="text/javascript">try{varurlhash = window.location.hash;if(!urlhash.match("fromapp")){if((navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPhone|iPod|Android|ios|iPad)/i))){window.location="";}}}catch(err){}</script>

The third section of code:

12345678910111213 <script type="text/javascript">// JavaScript Documentfunctionurlredirect() {    varsUserAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();     if((sUserAgent.match(/(ipod|iphone os|midp|ucweb|android|windows ce|windows mobile)/i))) {        // PC跳转移动端        varthisUrl = window.location.href;        window.location.href = thisUrl.substr(0,thisUrl.lastIndexOf(‘/‘)+1)+‘mobile/‘;            }}urlredirect();</script>


Mobile phone access to the PC website automatically jumps to the mobile website Code (GO)

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