Mobile phone QQ Address Book font size How to adjust?

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1. Points: Adjust the entire Address book font size and SMS content font size two kinds (System font size can also be adjusted)

2. Adjust the entire Address book font size. Open Address Book--Personal Center---Settings button

3. "Other"

4. Font size

5. Floating up and down can be

6. Only adjust the text message content font Size: Open a text message, two fingers in reverse row can (finger action)

In addition to QQ can be adjusted, we can adjust the size of the phone font

Root phone.

2. Download and install root Explorer (hereafter referred to as RE) This software is a must play machine, we should have already.

3. Open Re, find the cell phone storage Systemfontdroidsansfallback.ttf, extract the file on the SD card, with the font modifier open, and then point: Format-settings-layout-units to adjust the font size, my default is 256, to 206. (The smaller the number of changes, the larger the font) and then save the file, and then use RE to put the file back to the original, select permissions, modify the first vertical column selection, the second vertical column only select the first, the other is not selected.

4. Exit Re, this time has been replaced, do not have to restart the phone to see the effect, but not all of the interface will become a new font, only those completely off

Closed and reopened programs will recall the font pack, display new fonts, such as open settings, you will see that has become a new font. If you want to change completely

Depreciation fonts, then reboot, OK

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