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1 we open the QQ panel below to find "dynamic" and then after opening the entry to find "management" into the "Dynamic Settings" page. (pictured below)
2 Then we open the QQ "Dynamic Settings" page to "healthy" then you can open, and then back to the "dynamic" bar can see the "Health" option. (pictured below)

About the use of health functions we do not have to introduce, is to test some of our basic information

What is the role?

The "Health" module currently integrates four sets of data on exercise, weight, vital capacity and water intake. The first two need to have the relevant equipment and APP support, the vital capacity data needs the user to be in the microphone blowing to estimate, drinking water quantity to user manual input. To add more data, you need to purchase the specified device. For example, blood pressure and sleep data need to purchase Kankan Sphygmomanometer and Le run hand ring respectively.
Obviously, QQ's "health" module will have a strong social properties, you can see your friends in the rankings. and IOS 8 official version is coming online, QQ health module may borrow HealthKit Dongfeng Fast start.

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