Mobile-specific Database Realm introduction

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We currently have a swift IOS app that uses realm for data storage, discarding CoreData and SQLite.
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Realm is an alternative to the mobile database, SQLite and ORM framework that runs directly on mobile, tablet, wearable devices. There are android,ios and react native JS versions. The Realm-cocoa project includes the Ios/os x version of OBJC and Swift implementations.
    • Mobile-first:realm is the first database to run directly on mobile, tablet, wearable device design and development
    • Simple: Data directly exposed to class objects, through the code query, to avoid the ORM mapping maintenance and performance issues. In addition, realm strives to keep the API to include only 4 base classes (Object, Array, Results and Realms) and a tool class (migrations), which users can use intuitively, using realm in the app within minutes
    • Modern:realm supports correlation, generics, vectorization, and even support for Swift.
    • Fast:realm is faster than native SQLite in basic database operations, while maintaining a richer set of feature features.

The REALM-BROWSER-OSX project is a realm database client tool on a Mac that supports viewing and modifying realm database files, and functions like sqliteadmin.

Required conditions
IOS 8 or later, OS X 10.9 or later & WatchKit, iOS7.0 not supported, The reason is that iOS7.0 does not support third-party dynamic libraries, but contains swift code and cannot be compiled into a static library (but OBJC version realm supports iOS7.0). Xcode 7.0 or later, we recommend swift2.x above.

Sample Code
Import realmswift//Dog modelclass dog:object {    dynamic var name = ""    dynamic var Owner:person? Properties can be optional}//person Modelclass person:object {    dynamic var name = ""    dynamic var birthdate = NSDate (timeintervalsince1970:1) let    dogs = List<dog> ()}

Mobile-specific Database Realm introduction

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