Mobile UI design increasingly popular Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) and frosted glass effect (scrub effect), how to use Android Renderscript simple implementation?

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Gaussian Blur (Gaussian Blur) and frosted glass effects (also known as scrub effects) have become more popular in mobile UI design for the last two years, especially on iOS phones, and the iOS system also provides APIs to help developers achieve both of these effects in minutes. And the Android system has gone through a long process of exploration, the processing of pictures, from Java algorithm to the implementation of the NDK, a variety of groping endless.

Thankfully,Google has finally introduced Renderscript in API 11, a powerful picture-processing framework that helps Android developers focus on image processing algorithms rather than API scheduling. Using Renderscript for picture processing, you also need to understand Renderscript intrinsics, some of the operation classes that can help renderscript quickly implement various image processing. For example, Scriptintrinsicblur can help us to achieve the Gaussian blur effect simply and efficiently:

Public Bitmap Blurbitmap (Bitmap Bitmap) {//let ' s create a empty Bitmap with the same size of the Bitmap we want to blurbit Map Outbitmap = Bitmap.createbitmap (Bitmap.getwidth (), Bitmap.getheight (), config.argb_8888);//Instantiate a new Renderscriptrenderscript rs = renderscript.create (Getapplicationcontext ());//create an intrinsic Blur Script using the Renderscriptscriptintrinsicblur Blurscript = scriptintrinsicblur.create (RS, Element.u8_4 (RS));//Create the Allocations (In/out) with the Renderscript and the in/out bitmapsallocation Allin = Allocation.createfrombitmap (rs, bitmap ); Allocation Allout = Allocation.createfrombitmap (RS, Outbitmap)//set the radius of the blur:0 < radius <= 25BLURSCR Ipt.setradius (25.0f);//perform the Renderscriptblurscript.setinput (Allin); Blurscript.foreach (allOut);//Copy the Final bitmap created by the off Allocation to the Outbitmapallout.copyto (OUTBITMAP);//recycle the original Cycle ();//after finishing everything, we destroy the (); return outbitmap;} 

By setting the size of the blur radius (RADIUS) to control the sharpness of the image, a short line of code easily implements the Gaussian blur of the image, and we look at the image blur effect when radius equals the maximum value of 25:

Original effect:

Gaussian Blur:

Note: The Scriptintrinsicblur method only supports API 17 and later versions of the system, in order to be compatible with the old version,Google For the SUPPORT.V8 package, when using the Renderscript and Intrinsics classes, the related classes in the V8 package can be introduced:


Also, in the Defaultconfig configuration of the App/build.gradle file, add the following two lines of content:

defaultConfig {......renderscriptTargetApi 19renderscriptSupportModeEnabled  true}

The ingenious use of Gaussian blur in design can often achieve unexpected experience, such as the great God Daimajia using Renderscript and Nineoldandroids to do a more creative UI interaction, open Source Library: Androidviewhover , the effect is as follows, interested students can explore:

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Mobile UI design increasingly popular Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) and frosted glass effect (scrub effect), how to use Android Renderscript simple implementation?

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