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Recently, have been using Jquery-mobile + MVC to do mobile web, some experience, experience

Here's how to deny a computer access to a mobile website

The browser of the computer, not the same as the browser core of the phone, this is my idea of setting the Deny access.

Here's a way I've encapsulated a denial of access

1   Public Static classIsMobileDevice2     {3         /// <summary>4         ///whether to access the phone5         /// </summary>6         /// <param name= "Struseragent" >get models, browsers, and more</param>7         /// <returns>true is phone access; false not mobile Access</returns>8          Public Static BOOLIsMobile (stringstruseragent)9         {Ten             if(Struseragent! =NULL) One             { A                 if(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice = =true|| -Struseragent.contains ("iphone") || -Struseragent.contains ("BlackBerry") || theStruseragent.contains ("Mobile") || -Struseragent.contains ("Windows CE") || -Struseragent.contains ("Opera Mini") || -Struseragent.contains ("Palm") || +Struseragent.contains ("mobi") || -Struseragent.contains ("Nokia") || +Struseragent.contains ("Samsung") || AStruseragent.contains ("SonyEricsson") || atStruseragent.contains ("mot") || -Struseragent.contains ("LG") || -Struseragent.contains ("HTC") || -Struseragent.contains ("J2ME") || -Struseragent.contains ("UCWeb") -                     ) in                     return true; -                 Else to                     return false; +             } -             Else the                 return false; *         } $}
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The following is a test page in MVC

Through Request.useragent, you can get the full proxy string of the current client, I am currently using the Google Browser, can see into my own definition of an error page

You can then test successfully using Android and Apple access.

In the mobile site, due to the layout, and so on, completely different from the PC, so need to filter, I hope this simple method can help you.

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