Modification of Linux boot logo under fs_v210 development platform

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Miss Zhu, huaqing Vision Embedded College lecturer.

First, the development platform

Host: Ubuntu 12.04 system;

Target machine: FS210 platform;

Kernel version: Linux-3.0.8

Cross-compiling tool: ARM-CORTEX_A8-LINUX-GNUEABI-GCC;

Second, step

Run the Ubuntu 12.04 System and open the command line terminal.

$ cd ~
$ CD Driver
$mkdir logo
$ CD Logo

The "fs210 disc: Experimental data \4. Linux driver section \26. The "Farsight_logo800480.bmp" in the Linux Boot logo modification experiment is copied to this directory.

To generate a PPM file:

Ubuntu under conversion ppm:

sudo get-apt install NETPBM
$BMPTOPPM pic.bmp > temp1.ppm//Generate PPM
$ppmquant 224 temp1.ppm > temp2.ppm//Convert to 224 colors
$pnmnoraw temp2.ppm >logo.ppm//Convert to ASCII format
$ cplogo.ppm/home/linux/workdir/fs210/linux-3.0.8-fs210/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_test_clut224.ppm

Enter the Linux kernel:

$ cd/home/linux/workdir/fs210/linux-3.0.8-fs210/drivers/video/logo/

Modify the Kconfig file in this directory

$ vikconfig
in config logo_linux_clut224
BOOL "Standard 224-color Linux logo"
Default Y
Below, add:
Config logo_linux_test
BOOL "Standar 224-color Linux Test Logo"
Default Y
Modify the Log.c file in this directory:
#ifdef config_logo_linux_clut224
/* Generic Linux logo */
Logo = &logo_linux_clut224;
Add the following:
#ifdef Config_logo_linux_test
Logo = &logo_linux_test_clut224;
modifying kernel include/linux/linux_logo.h
$ vilinux_logo.h
Externconststructlinux_logo logo_linux_clut224;
Below, add:
Externconststructlinux_logo logo_linux_test_clut224;
Modify the makefile in the/home/linux/workdir/fs210/linux-3.0.8-fs210/drivers/video/logo/directory
$ vimakefile
obj-$ (config_logo_m32r_clut224) + = LOGO_M32R_CLUT224.O
Add the following:
obj-$ (config_logo_linux_test) + = LOGO_LINUX_TEST_CLUT224.O
Go to the Linux kernel top-level directory and configure the kernel:
$ make Menuconfig
Device Driver--->
Graphics support-->
Bootup logo

Go to the Linux kernel top-level directory and configure the kernel:

$ make Menuconfig
Device Driver--->
Graphics support-->
Bootup logo

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Column875-1.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1o7setxuhggaagt8azcfzm009.jpg "/>

Compile kernel:

$ make Zimage

Copy kernel to/tftpboot directory:

$ sudocparch/arm/boot/tftpboot

To launch the Development Board, you can see the Linux splash screen:

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Column875-2.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1o7sfowfkgeaadh-gv9coa214.jpg "/>

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