Modify and restore the tr (task) released by the sap ABAP, and delete the released tr (task)

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Sometimes we release the task under a certain TR, and then want to modify it, or do not want to transmit the tr.
Or you want to delete a released tr.
Later studies found that tr (task) data is stored in the database table sink: e070 (Change & Transport System: Request/task header ).
Therefore, you can directly operate the request/task Status field (trstatus) of the data table e070 and modify its content to restore the data.
Status overview:
D can be modified. l can be modified. O is protected. O is started and released. R is released. N is released. (import protection for repaired objects is included)
The operation methods are as follows:
1. coding (available on the Development Server)

Tables: e070.

Parameters: p_trkorr like e070-trkorr obligatory.


Update e070 set trstatus = 'd "to restore the status to 'modifiable'

Where trkorr = p_trkorr. "input tr to be processed


If sy-subrc = 0.

Commit work. Message 'OK' type 'S '.


Rollback work. Message 'error! 'Type '.


2. Hard operation-directly modify the value in the table (requires an account with a certain operation permission)
2-1. Find the tr to be processed
2-2. Go to e070 In the table, find the corresponding TR, and click the Show button to display the line project details.
2-3. Enter/h in the command line and press enter to enter the debug mode.
2-4. Change the operation mode code from display mode to edit mode: edit, and directly execute
2-5. Modify the data and save it directly.
Result chart
Subsequent operations

Modify and restore the tr (task) released by the sap ABAP, and delete the released tr (task)

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