Modify data sources and icons of the Flex tree component

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Change the ico icon in the default, open, closed, and subitem statuses of the Tree component. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<! -- Tree control example. -->
<Mx: Application xmlns: mx = "">
<! -- The following is a style -->
<Mx: Style>
VerticalScrollBarStyleName: treeVerticalScrollBar;
SelectionColor: #417597;
/* Add different ico states such as default, open, close, and subitem */
DefaultLeafIcon: Embed (source = "longstep/icon/sharp_grey/gif/base.gif ");
FolderOpenIcon: Embed (source = "longstep/icon/sharp_grey/gif/vote_yes.gif ");
FolderClosedIcon: Embed (source = "longstep/icon/sharp_grey/gif/options.gif ");
DisclosureOpenIcon: Embed (source = "longstep/icon/sharp_grey/gif/pause.gif ");
. TreeVerticalScrollBar
BorderColor: # f00;
</Mx: Style>
<Mx: Script>
<! [CDATA [
// Bind data and define xml variables to store selected nodes
Public var selectedNode: XML;
// Event when a change event occurs in the tree
Public function treeChanged (event: Event): void {
// Convert the selected node to xml and assign the selectedNode as the conversion type.
Selectednodeinclutree(event.tar get). selectedItem as XML;
// Tree has three events, change, itemClick, itemOpen, and itemClose.
// Change: triggered when the selected column changes
// ItemClick: triggered when a column is clicked
// ItemOpen: triggered when the node is expanded
// ItemClose: triggered when the node is closed
</Mx: Script>
<! -- XMLList is the most suitable for tree components as a data source -->
<Mx: XMLList id = "treeData">
<Node label = "Mail Box">
<Node label = "Inbox">
<Node label = "Marketing"/>
<Node label = "Product Management"/>
<Node label = "Personal"/>
<Node label = "Outbox">
<Node label = "Professional"/>
<Node label = "Personal"/>
<Node label = "Spam"/>
<Node label = "Sent"/>
</Mx: XMLList>
<Mx: Panel title = "Tree Control Example" height = "75%" width = "75%"
PaddingTop = "10" paddingLeft = "10" paddingRight = "10" paddingBottom = "10">
& Lt; mx: Label width = "100%" color = "blue"
Text = "Select a node in the Tree control."/>
<Mx: HDividedBox width = "100%" height = "100%">
<! -- @ Indicates the attribute of the xml intermediate vertex. For example, @ label indicates the value of the label attribute. -->
<! -- DataProvider = "{treeData}" indicates binding data. The data source can be XML or XMLList. -->
<Mx: Tree id = "myTree" width = "50%" height = "100%" labelField = "@ label"
ShowRoot = "false" dataProvider = "{treeData}" change = "treeChanged (event)"/>
<Mx: TextArea height = "100%" width = "50%"
Text = "Selected Item: {selectedNode. @ label}"/>
</Mx: HDividedBox>
</Mx: Panel>
</Mx: Application>

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