Modify port 8080 and common security settings and install ionCube Loader in WDCP V3

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Today, when he helped a netizen install the iMobiTrax software, the netizen specified the need to install the WDCP panel environment management. Originally, I suggested installing one-key package LNMP and other environments, after all, it is said that WDCP has certain security vulnerabilities. However, if we handle simple security problems and risks, we can still use them. Therefore, we want to install the old version 2.5 by convention, because it can be quickly installed through RPM, but after installation, we find that the official package file cannot be obtained, it is estimated that the old version of the software source has been gradually canceled by the official team (I knew I saved one copy ).


There are still some solutions, because WDCP has already provided the V3 version. Chiang has experienced and installed WDCP in the "WDCP Panel V3 New version installation process and common user experience recording process". The interface is still friendly, the required Apache, MySQL, and PHP versions are all upgraded to newer versions. In fact, according to the iMobiTrax environment needs to be deployed by the customer, it is easy to install the V3 version without re-upgrading or compiling the PHP version (because the IM software requires a PHP version later than 5.3 ).


Relatively speaking, because there is no RPM quick installation package, the entire WDCP V3 installation process is quite troublesome. I plan to forget it. It will definitely take over 30 minutes to complete the entire process, so I need to use screen as much as possible, otherwise, it would be a tragedy because of the situation. Here I am working on the edge and hanging on the side for automatic installation.


1. WDCP V3 installation


The code is as follows: Copy code

Tar zxvf lanmp_v3.tar.gz
Sh lanmp. sh


Enter the official command line and select the software combination as prompted.



We select a software combination as needed, which can be Apache, Nginx, or zend component support. In addition, the V3 version differs from the previous version, and some components required by the software source code are also integrated. Then let's install it automatically. Wait.



After running, you can see the preceding figure. It indicates that the current WDCP V3 version has been installed. Then, you can enter the current server IP address in the browser address bar to check whether the default homepage exists, and whether you can see the server information when you open PHPINFO. If you can see the information, it indicates that the installation is correct. If you cannot open it, it indicates that the installation is successful.


2. Modify port 8080 in WDCP V3


If the panel has inherent vulnerabilities, most users cannot solve them. What we can do is to ensure basic security. Because we use the WEB panel to manage VPS, we need to have a WEB login panel. Similarly, for security consideration, it is best that we can only access this panel Portal by ourselves, therefore, you need to hide the default port 8080 or change the port we know so that the panel portal will not be obtained easily.


In the previous article "changing the port 8080 of the WDCP management panel to ensure the security of the logon portal", Lao Jiang shared the methods. However, this method is not applicable to V3. therefore, we cannot solve this problem. How can I modify port 8080 in V3?


1. Modify port 8080 (WDCP backend-system settings-modify backend access port)



As shown in the figure above, you can find the corresponding location to modify the default port 8080. You can also modify the default port 21 of FTP.


2. Whether the restart of the server takes effect


Here, we 'd better restart the server to see if the panel of the new port can be logged on, because someone mentioned that the port was not saved to the rule after it was modified, old Jiang thought that since the panel Port modification function is available, the rules should be saved together.


The code is as follows: Copy code



After the restart, I found that the new port can also be used to log on to the WDCP V3 panel. It seems that there is no problem. Use the script above to check whether there is a new port.



The newly set Port 8989 write rule is in progress. It seems that there is no problem.


Third, other WDCP V3 security settings


What we can do for common users is simple security settings. Otherwise, we will definitely not use the panel to compile our own version environment. Basic security still needs to be done.


1. Delete the default homepage of the WDCP panel and other files. We need to delete the files on the three pages in/www/web/default/, but do not delete the files by mistake. Do not delete the database folder.


2. Modify the ROOT port (method) of the server. This is required. You need to modify the ROOT port or use the key to log on to VPS.


3. Backup, backup, and backup. If we use it for website construction, we must pay attention to regular data backup. No matter what problems we have, it is always true. Don't be afraid of trouble.


4. Install ionCube Loader in WDCP V3


Because some software requires the ionCube Loader component, the default panel is generally not installed, and we need to manually install it. I have already installed the IonCube Loader encryption environment method in the WDCP panel system. However, the installation is the same, except that the software version V3 is relatively high and cannot be used directly.


1. Select a version for installation.


A-32-bit system


The code is as follows: Copy code

Tar-zxvf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
Mv ioncube/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions


B-64-bit system


The code is as follows: Copy code

Tar-zxvf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
Mv ioncube/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions


Download ioncube according to the system's number of digits (32/64 bits), move it to the extensions directory, and find the corresponding directory file.


2. Set the software path


Find the php. Ini file in the current WDCP, and then


The code is as follows: Copy code

[IonCube Loader]
Zend_extension = "/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions/ioncube/"


Added to php. ini. In the past, we had a low PHP version, as long as 5.3. Here we use PHP 5.6, so ioncube also needs to use 5.6.


3. The restart takes effect.



To ensure that the entire environment is correct, restart the server and check the phpinfo file to see that ioncube exists. If not, the installation is unsuccessful. (Note that the PHP version determines the directory)


Fifth, WDCP V3 Port modification and ioncube component installation summary


1. Whether we use a panel or a one-click package, the basic security of the server still needs to be done, so it is a little bit secure.


2. After modifying the port or modifying any system configuration, we recommend that you restart it several times to check whether everything works. Some software fails after being restarted, so you can determine whether the installation is complete.


3. ioncube needs to be installed independently. Because PHP version V3 is relatively high, we also need to install a later version of ioncube. During deployment, determine the PHP. INI path based on the PHP version. (If the installation fails, contact Chiang Kai-Jiang for solutions)

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