Modify the Apache configuration file to remove index.php from thinkphp URLs

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  This article mainly introduces the method of modifying the Apache configuration file to remove the index.php in the thinkphp URL, we refer to the use of the bar

For example, your original path is Http://localhost/test/index.php/index/add so now the address is http://localhost/test/index/add how to remove index.php?   1, httpd.conf configuration file loaded with module  //inside Apache to configure   code as follows: #LoadModule Rewrite_module Modules/mod_ to remove the front badge     2, allowoverride none to all      //in Apache configuration ( Note that all other allowoverride are set to all)   code as follows: <directory "D:/server/apache/cgi-bin" > allowoverride none   Change & nbsp allowoverride all Options None order Allow,deny allow to all </Directory>     3, make sure Url_model is set to 2, in the project's configuration file Write   code as follows: Return Array (    ' Url_model ' => ' 2 ');     4,. htaccess files must be placed in the directory with the file add:   Code as follows: <ifmodule mod_rewrite.c> rewriteengine on Rewritecond%{r Equest_filename}!-d rewritecond%{request_filename}!-f rewriterule ^ (. *) $ index.php/$1 [qsa,pt,l] </IfModule> & nbsp Add: In Windows can not create a point of the beginning of the file, you can easily create a file then in DOS in the operation of rename xxxx.xxxx   htaccess
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