Modify the default browsers for items such as VS2010, VS2008, and so on

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Right-clicking the. aspx page in Visual Studio (RC) no longer exists the "Browse with" menu item. So how do you modify the default browser that you use when debugging?

By default, VS will use the operating system's default browser, but I am more inclined to use IE when debugging programs.

The. aspx view in the MVC project does not have a "Browse with" menu item because it prohibits direct browsing. (Add a WebForm view named "Default.aspx" at the root of the Web site and right-click on it to see the "Browse with" option.) This method is really not good, sometimes can not, it is just maddening ...

This will not be OK after the tangle ....

Modify vs2005,vs2008 Debug Default browser

The default debug browser becomes the Sogou browser, and I add any control elements to the VS design page that are not visible in the browser when debugging. And the CS file in the background of the code page on the display of the page does not play any role, even a lable text will not change. It was strange to think that my system had gone wrong and had been tossing for hours. The next thought may be vs debugging can only use IE (after all, Microsoft), I will debug the address of the page copied to IE's address bar, everything is normal.

First use VS to open our engineering files, click on any ASPX file, right click to find the pop-up menu "browse Mode", as shown in:

Then click "Browse Mode" and pop up the dialog box as shown:

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