Mongodb usage and deployment ppt, mongodb deployment ppt

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Mongodb usage and deployment ppt, mongodb deployment ppt
1. mongodb Introduction

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Error reported when using mongodb database configuration in ThinkPhp framework

Before using the D method, you must first create a Model
The method is to create a Model file in the Model folder.
For more information, see the ThinkPHP help documentation.

Does MongoDB support both master-slave configuration and shard configuration? Answers from experts

It should be okay. mongodb currently does not officially recommend using master-slave replication. We recommend using replica set. replica set is used to improve system reliability, and sharding is used for horizontal scaling, if the two cannot be used at the same time, it is too bad.
However, the horizontal scaling level of apsaradb for mongodb is short. The insertion speed will be greatly reduced after replica set is used.
Sorry, I have not tried the replica set and sharding at the same time. After testing the replica set, the company decided not to use mongodb. I can only tell you so much, hope it can help

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