Mono 2.0 officially released

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Mono Official Website:
2.0 release notes:

Mono Project announces mono 2.0 for cross-platform Microsoft. NET development:

Miguel de Icaza's:

Mono 2.0 includes the implementation of class libraries such as ADO. NET 2.0/ASP. NET 2.0/Windows. Forms 2.0/system. xml 2.0/system. Drawing/LINQ/GTK. This release is more complete and mature than 1.x. Among them, the C # compiler has complete support for C #3; for the standard library, the winforms 2.0 API has complete support, and the LINQ and ASP.. Net supports more well than before. The execution engine starts to share generic code and reduces the memory usage.

The new version of the main site interface is also very beautiful

A few years ago, if someone said that CLI is cross-platform, taking mono as an example, it may be hard to attack mono, that is to say, there was a heated debate in the garden last year. net can be used across platforms. However, the current Mono is different from the old one. With the ever-maturing monodevelop, it is becoming more and more realistic to develop CLI platforms outside of windows.

Mono is getting closer and closer to the product status. As long as no P/invoke is required, many. NET applications can run as-is on mono. Paste a mono feature comparison table:

Compiler support . Net APIs Mono APIs
Mono's open source compilers:

  • C #3.0 compiler.

    • LINQ to objects.
    • LINQ to XML.
  • Visual Basic 8 compiler.

Open source compilers:

  • Boo.
  • Cobra.
  • GNU's GCC with the pencil backend.
  • Microsoft's ironpython.
  • Jeroen's ikvm (Java on. NET ).
  • Microsoft's ironruby.
  • Phalanger (PHP on cli ).

Commercial compilers:

  • Ise's Eiffel.
  • Microsoft's C #.
  • Microsoft's F #.
  • Microsoft's VB. NET.
  • Remobject's oxygene (Object Pascal ).

And more.

Core API:

  • 2.0 core APIs.
  • System, system. xml.
  • 3.5 system. Core.
  • System. Drawing.
  • System. directoryservices.
  • System. Web. Services.

Windows. Forms 2.0:

  • Win32 driver.
  • Quartz/OSX driver.
  • Cairo/X11 UNIX driver.

ASP. net2.0:

  • Core ASP. NET.
  • ASP. NET Ajax.
  • Apache and FastCGI integration.

Ado. NET 2.0 plus providers:

  • Managed drivers: PostgreSQL, ms SQL Server, Sybase.
  • Semi-managed drivers: Firebird, IBM DB2, Oracle, SQLite.
  • MySQL provides their own drivers.
Gui APIs:

  • GTK # (UNIX, windows, MacOS X ).
  • Cocoa # (MacOS X ).

Mono core:

  • Mono. addins-extensibility framework.
  • Mono. Cairo-Cairo graphics binding.
  • Mono. Cecil-ECMA pencil manipulation.
  • XML. relaxng.
  • Novell. Directory. LDAP
  • C5-generics library.

Linux specific:

  • Mono. POSIX/mono. UNIX.
  • Ndesk. Reboot

Other ecosystem libraries:

  • Bit #-BitTorrent client/server library.
  • Mono. Fuse-user-space file systems.
  • Mono. zeroconf-Bonjour stack.
  • Mono. Nat-network address translation.
  • Mono. UPnP-Universal Plug and Play.
  • Tao framework-OpenGL, openal, SDL and CG bindings.


Posts from various brothers in the garden:

Piao: Mono 2.0 officially released

Jim dot net: Mono 2.0 is released. It looks good.

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