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Interaction prototype is an important output in the process of product development, which not only determines the product's presentation layer form, but also can better validate the demand and clear the product target in the case of visual display of product function. The establishment of an interactive prototyping program usually comes from a joint review by cross-functional personnel. How to effectively conduct interactive review, often become a problem for many interaction designers, we can take account of the following aspects.

Preparation before the review

At least one day in advance, initiate interactive review notices, book conference rooms, projection and other equipment, the message to explain the content of the review, meeting time, meeting location, participants, etc. According to the business and personnel situation, when necessary to conduct pre-trial.

Note Some points:

1. Review content: In the Mail can be briefly introduced, and attached to the interactive prototype or link, so that participants to participate in the review of the content of the meeting have a certain understanding, before the meeting to prepare to avoid blindly participate in the review, resulting in a long meeting time, reduce the efficiency of the meeting.

2. Review data: The main interactive prototype, the different versions of the interactive prototype, design reference materials, competition analysis data, data analysis class information, if any, in the review process may be used. It is best to bring your own notebook, so that you can facilitate the presentation of the data in the demo contrast, effective expression of their own design proposals to increase persuasive.

3. Participants selection: Product development in the various links involved in the implementation of personnel such as Product Manager (PD), visual, front-end, Project Manager (PM), testing, optional customer service, full, operations, data mining, etc. according to the product situation to decide. Coordination of staff time, to avoid the review, the required staff is not available, resulting in a review of the situation. The conference staff control is the most efficient under 10 people.

In the review

In the review process, designers should pay attention to control the progress of the meeting, need to review the function point, about the time, there is also attention to the discussion can not deviate from the theme, timely pull back.

Review business, designers should also pay attention to our review is the interactive prototype, not the designer himself, our goal is to find as many possible problems, in this stage the more found problems, the subsequent risk is smaller. Avoid problems being iterated and magnified.

1. To introduce the target user's situation and experience goal.

Suitable for a new product, the background of the new product is not clear, or the new composition of the virtual team, not familiar with each other, mutual trust is still in the establishment, so you can speed to let everyone understand the background of interactive prototyping, so that your design has roots to find.

2. Take the user's angle, adopt the user experience way to carry on.

According to the user to achieve user goals, need to go through a variety of operating procedures, can be more driven by the user-centric assessment. Rather than a discussion of whether technology is being achieved.

3. From the overall to the details of the progress, priority to tell the place of innovation.

For example, start with a functional structure flowchart, then the interaction, interaction details, presentation, copywriting, and so on whether to meet the requirements, whether the potential requirements meet the specific customer base. The previous step after a variety of circumstances whether to consider whether the human, functional modules of the interactive mode is reasonable, whether it can be achieved.

4. Daytime form, natural page form,

A variety of design plans are prepared, sometimes the same situation, different scenarios, possible ways to achieve, there will be differences, choose the most consistent with the current situation, the current scene, cost-controllable program.

5. As early as possible to the operation, customer service personnel, etc, they may ask other requirements

Because operations may need to add to their operational requirements on your interactive prototypes, they are good for operational activities. Customer contact is most likely to help you find the user's pain point.

6. Guide the roles of colleagues into the discussion

Colleagues in various positions, standing on their own professional perspective on the current prototype review, fully discuss the realization of the prototype. Can be directly guided to consult the front end, interactive way to achieve, whether there is a better way to implement, with the development of discussion, if this design, backstage is likely to make real-time response, whether there will be delays and so on, listen to all aspects of the suggestions, you may find the details of the unnoticed, and have a micro-innovation, Also facilitates programme improvement.

Details to be aware of:

1. Avoid subjective awareness of the comments, do not prematurely bring into the visual components. Avoid people on the color, button form for comments, but neglected the focus. Special attention to the design of the prototype, pay more attention to the interaction itself, do not carry out the visual scope of the design, when the line block diagram and visual manuscript to form a strong contrast, interaction and vision on the respective completed the design goals.

2. More people, more opinions, pay attention to avoid deviating from the theme, guide the rapid decision-making.

3. For controversial designs, throwing your own ideas into a storm, there may be a chance to redesign and innovate again.

4. For the tangle of things, if you can not measure which is better, first write down, will find someone in private to solve.

Work after the review

At the end of the review by the Conference recorder to repeat the issue, avoid leakage, the issue of the summary and sent out in the form of mail, in favor of designers can control the problem and solve all problems.

Notice of the place:

1. The modified interactive prototype is sent to you again by mail for review. Ensure that there is no doubt, unless necessary, to conduct two more reviews.

2. Unresolved issues in the meeting if necessary, you can explain the solution in the mail if you need to find out the person concerned.

3. Analyze the problem list to see if some points can be recorded in the interactive checklist, constantly updated and perfected.

Interaction designers please pay attention to interactive review, interactive prototype is the product of the first prototype in the whole process of production, is the first time in the interactive design to show their own design, determine the future interactive tracking situation, package word vision, front-end, development requires interactive designer tracking, timely resolution of problems, to ensure that the design plan to achieve and convey.

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