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Author: User ,.... will essentially serve as a social networking site where users can share their creatures (which, in true Web 2.0 fashion, are tagged and can then be sorted by users) and interact with one another.
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And in a clever move, much of the user-generated data from is output in RSS or as embeddable HTML, and can be easily integrated into blogs and other social networking sites such as Facebook.
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as a side note, the procedural nature of spore's creatures mean that data is enormously compressible; creatures are exported directly to PNG image files, which can be viewed in regular image software but which also contain all the information needed to load the creature up in the game. they are only a few dozen kilobytes in size.
-- Comment: 10 K bytes per creature, benefits from implic It surface modeling (or some other neat techniques ?)

EA has also signed partnerships with services such as YouTube and an online comic-creating website. with a couple clicks, spore will upload a demonstration video of your creature directly to a YouTube account. there is even a button that automatically creates an animated GIF avatar of your creature.
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most impressive, howev Er, is the range of Automatically-generated animations that is instantly compiled.
-- Comment: Good work, Chris! Story = 18992

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