More than 2T hard disk format method under Linux

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Many of the hard drives are now larger than 2T, but the Linux-brought Fdisk tool cannot format disks larger than 2T and requires the use of a third-party tool, parted, to see how to use the parted format hard drive

1, you can first use Fdisk-l to view the system's current hard disk, you can see that the system is mounted on 2 6T of hard disks, respectively,/DEV/VDC/DEV/VDD

2, start formatting, execute command PARTED/DEV/VDD/DEV/VDD is the disk that needs to be formatted, here must be careful not to choose the wrong, otherwise the data will be lost.

There are no pictures here, all with the command to show:


#mklabel GPT #将MBR磁盘转换为GPT

#mkpart Primary 0 6449GB #创建主分区 with space from 0 GB to 6449 GB total space

#print #打印当前分区情况

#quit #退出parted工具

At this point, the format is larger than the 2T hard drive completed successfully, you can continue to format the disk, mount the disk

#mkfs. btrfs/dev/vdd format Disk

#mount/dev/vdd/data2 Mount disk to the/DATA2 directory

#df-th #查看当前磁盘挂载明细

#echo '/dev/vdd/data2 btrfs defaults 0 0 ' >>/etc/fstab #将/dev/vdd boot automatically mount to/data2 directory


More than 2T hard disk format method under Linux

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