Motherboard BIOS time problem how to set up

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How to set the motherboard BIOS time problem. The general computer's time is stored in the BIOS, and can be modified in the system through the software, so the software and hardware are suspect.

Software aspects, some viruses and Trojans will make the motherboard's BIOS date automatically reset, troubleshooting the first step is to use antivirus for full HDD scan, in addition, some imperfect software will also lead to the problem, such as a few versions of Bitcomit, after installation, each boot will jump back to the factory time, After uninstalling and turn on the automatic synchronization of Internet time to complete the return to normal, hardware, because you have replaced the battery, there is no power problem, there may be a short circuit between the motherboard and the chassis, it is recommended to remove the motherboard from the chassis for a bare test, If you're back to normal, clean up the dust on the chassis and the motherboard.

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