Motherboard boot screen does not move how to do

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Motherboard boot screen does not move the solution:

1, we see through the figure, is the BIOS setup problem, we just find the appropriate settings to solve the problem. Press the BIOS startup key First, then we can select Chinese mode, click "Advanced Mode" below, as shown in the figure:

2, click "Start" in the BIOS menu bar, find "If there is error waiting to press F1 key", select "Close" in the corresponding right option, as shown:

3, press F10 Save, restart the computer can be, boot stay in the motherboard logo problem solved.

Why the additional motherboard does not self test and how to solve it:

1. BIOS chip failure or BIOS damaged by virus

After the main engine power to complete the BIOS Code program, first of all, the system will read the first instruction in the BIOS into memory and explain the execution. The directive is the same for both award and Ami, and is a 3-byte jump instruction. The next step is to read the BIOS bootstrap block to complete the detection and loading of the BIOS itself. Only when the system reads the BIOS code into memory does the CPU start the self-test and startup process according to the code program.

The failure of the BIOS is not much, occasionally the BIOS chip due to aging and some of the memory unit failure, resulting in incomplete program code, can not complete the normal system function calls and the phenomenon can not start normally. And a virus like CIH, malicious rewriting of the motherboard BIOS code, causing the host can not start, after the boot host can be normal power, fan work, but can not complete the self-test process, while the display has text display, host and alarm sound; Of course, the serious may be only power, the monitor does not have the image, The host also does not have an alarm sound.

2, video card failure

If the bios of the video card is damaged or the AGP communication circuit fails, the video card initialization cannot be completed, causing the host to stay on the screen for a long time when the video card is not available.

Note: Use the two or three-year motherboard, especially in the Internet café used in the machine, because the machine for a long time high temperature work, the CPU around the filter capacitor due to baking and loss of capacity, resulting in the CPU power supply in the exchange of components, performance for the machine in the start-up is not easy, need to boot Often in the self-test process freezes, failure performance unstable and changeable.

3. BIOS Self Test

After the system completes the video card self-test, the BIOS code check is started, and the BIOS version number and the motherboard model are usually displayed on the monitor.

4, the CPU L2 or L1cache not completely damaged or CPU other circuit aging when the host completes the graphics card initialization, the next start to detect CPU self-test. When the CPU's L1 or L2 fails, it will stagnate for a long time in the "CHECK NVRAM ..." section. When this fault occurs, some of the machines can also enter the CMOS settings, we can manually shut down the CPU L1 and L2, and then try to see if the machine can pass the self-test. If you can, the CPU is basically able to spin down and use it. If not, you can only replace the CPU to resolve the problem.

5, Memory failure

After the system completes the CPU detection, it carries out the memory test phase. If we turn off the post quick detection option, we will not see a long memory test interface (three times in a row) on the power-on, only one Test at a time. Memory chip failure or memory slot deformation and bad memory contact, memory gold finger oxidation, memory slot metal reed deformation or rupture, memory power supply voltage low or high will appear memory self-test can not pass and panic.

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