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In order to give users a more intuitive image of the new features of the product, we specifically customized the weight of the publicity blockbuster. In the design style setting, to the current most popular "Motion Graphic" form, omni-directional highlight our new version of cool fan son, is described as "move if bunny, static if the Virgin", three-dimensional shock your audio-visual senses.


So how did such a big piece of the scale come into being? How did the designer make a breakthrough to overcome the difficulties, for everyone to present a gluttonous feast? Next, we will explain the design mysteries behind large tracts of children.

One, the rhythm of the Beat

In the new version of the design, we do not heavy color, do not superfluous modification, we want to make visual effects look more energetic and refreshing. In the opening of the video, through the color collision between black and color, to express the new "colorful" concept. The rapid burst of color ball, it is the interpretation of youth and vitality, but also hope that through this opening to shock the audience's visual nerves.

At the same time, in order to show the charm of the "+" animation style, we are in the way of the layer flip, from the content of the extraction, so that, in highlighting the subject content of the premise, but also without losing the rhythm of the picture; Then, the content is switched to three keywords; The fast-flipping balls are wrapped in Qzone5.0 's theme. Here, how to be simple content to do dynamic, in an instant "change body" and without Shong sense of it? In the final analysis, with the help of "beat Melody", just like the rhythm of people's breathing, "put-collect-put-collect" rhythm form, all content is invisible in tandem.

Second, "The protagonist son" string field

It is well known that in a movie, at least one protagonist is needed to perform, and she sometimes even plays multiple roles. Of course, in the video, how can we get the protagonist less? After layers of screening, we found that the role of "O" in shaping the story, the performance of the tension and so just in line with the temperament of the film, so we have in the graphics, color, image and other aspects of its packaging remodeling. The protagonist son also painstaking, runs in each scene, is through its full of tension "performance", in the role of the premise, but also to ensure the overall sense of the story.

You will find in these scenes "protagonist son" gorgeous change:

A simple graphic, can be based on the characteristics of the content of the clever change, through the "Pull-remodeling" form, and the content of the ingenious combination, and eventually string the whole story, which is also in the video design more ingenious method.

 Third, elastic animation to add emotion and vitality

How to make the motion of the object more vitality, more elegant and generous? Elastic animation is a recognized choice. Through it you can instantly soar the character's life index, and at the same time, you can give it some kind of emotional meaning to make a character look like a human being!

For a simple example: A, B, C Three small ball movement, uniform motion of small ball A gives a person dull feeling, while the ball B, c through acceleration, deceleration and other forms, to enrich the movement of rhythm and sense of level, so that the movement process more natural vitality, bring the audience more relaxed and enjoyable feelings.

In the design, by controlling the change of the rhythm of the element transition (such as: The following two scenes are in the form of acceleration, complete the transition between the action), you can let the audience at each stage have a sense of anticipation, in conveying the content of the message at the same time, without losing affinity, thus causing the audience's emotional

Agreed that large tracts of children, how can less have the effect of blasting? Usually the effect we see in movie blockbusters is this ...

Our film is no show of weakness, the demolition team is ready enough "ammunition", waiting for you to light it! As a fan of you, in the click to send the stars that moment has not been shaken to it? Star in the halo of the map, the Starlight explosion of the moment is also increasingly appear to shine!

Iv. Breaking through technical barriers

Of course, the smooth screen and cool effect need to rely on complex technology to achieve, and then talk about the technical difficulties in the production. (Slightly burned here)

In order to make the picture content and space effect more rich sense, the switch between scenes more fluent, we use after Effects virtual camera to assist shooting. To send stars animated scenes For example, the "Fireworks, stars, send Stars icon" and other content misplaced in the virtual three-dimensional scene, through the way of pushing the lens for the audience to create a sense of atmosphere, enhance the emotional appeal of video, in the visual effect is also more exciting and shocking.

Taking into account the production cycle, late adjustment costs and other factors, the entire video is divided into a number of 2D and 3D scene segmentation combination (some of the scenes are 2D and 3D scene nesting relationship, such as: Cover dress), usually the scene of the 3D need to use camera animation to achieve. Therefore, the difficulty of making is a single scene, a number of consecutive scenes between 2D and 3D animation of the interface, these nodes are also need to constantly running-in and optimization of the place. Then, if you need to adjust the content at a later stage, just find the corresponding seat to make an independent change, so that will not affect the contents of other seats, but also greatly reduce the cost of modification.

The following figure is an overview of the distribution of the main seats in after effects, for reference only.

V. Summary

In video design, there are many n ways to show your idea, but in general, it is through a short video that makes the content appear in a more stunning, cool, and fun way to conquer the audience's eyeballs. The above content is only a few of their own experience in the project, there will be more fun, interesting methods and even the form of expression waiting for everyone to explore, but also look forward to the birth of your large children!

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