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About SEO is not equal to the point of network promotion, I have some Bovenri also occasionally mentioned, but never discussed this topic alone. Today will write this article, is I in 28 push to see a post feeling. Cause is a member in 28 push Post asked "in the network promotion, SEO is the only means of promotion, do you agree?", I read the reply in the post. Did not expect many members agree that SEO is the only way to promote the network promotion. Let me be surprised, so let me have to write this article impulse.

  3 Entrances to Internet users

First of all, let's look at the 3 big entrances to internet users now. The previous domestic Internet users are mainly 2 major portals, are search engines and Web site navigation. Today, with the application of web2.0, the user's habit of finding information on the internet began to change, so the 3rd-largest entrance "new media" appeared.

New Media Marketing

The so-called new media, is included now the most fire, microblogging, SNS, blogs, forums. Now in the industry has a very hot noun, called new media marketing. The so-called new media marketing is aimed at micro-blog, SNS, blogs, forums and other channels of promotion. Now many large internet companies in China, have a dedicated team or people responsible for the promotion of new media marketing channels.

About the new media promotion, I have 2 ready-made cases, my Go9go link platform and 28 push forums. Many friends asked me how to promote these 2 sites. In fact, through the new media marketing means, and new media marketing and SEO basically without any relationship. Take 28 Push Forum for example, in the above active webmaster, few people are through the search engine to know 28 push it? And more is through my blog posts, micro-blog, or some industry forum to understand the 28 push.

In addition, Web site navigation is also very important to a promotion and flow of the entrance, but this relatively high threshold, ordinary small web site is basically difficult to obtain traffic from the site navigation, of course, if willing to spend money can do, but the promotion cost is high. And SEO and new media marketing relatively low threshold, ordinary small site as long as willing to work hard, have the opportunity to publicize their website through these channels. If you are proficient in SEO and new media promotion means, you can get high returns through very low cost.

Because, search engines, URL navigation, new media, now the largest traffic entry. Generally a bit of strength and cost of the site, will not let go of these 3 channels. But does not represent 3 channels is the only, in fact there are more means of promotion. In particular, small web sites, but also look at SEO outside the means of promotion, so as to make the site more competitive.

My non-SEO promotion experience to share

In this do not want to talk about theory, take case to speak, simple I this 6 years of network promotion work experience, how much is and SEO related, and how much and SEO did not related to the promotion means.

When I first contacted the internet in 05, it would only be the same as the promotional means "forum promotion". Because the Forum promotion threshold is low, suits the new person to study. Although at that time only this same promotional means, but the same day the company's website to take about 2W of IP (PS: In the 05 Super female voice The hottest, the method appropriate, the light through Baidu Bar can get so high flow, so we do not feel impossible. I don't want to be a god to some people, saying I'm bragging about it and accomplishing what they think is impossible. )

06 to work in Beijing, the first company Qihoo 360. It's been promoted for half a year, but it's money. Let the small stationmaster to strange tiger net flow, then divide the money to stationmaster. In addition to do 1 years of traffic interchange promotion, is and some sites exchange advertising, with each other flow. At the highest level, you can get more than 100 WIP free by this means. But the premise is that the website itself has a certain flow basis, can realize this promotion means and such a high promotion effect.

08 to Cool News Network, initially let me do the flow of exchange, but I think the cool network does not do the basis of traffic interchange promotion. So I took the initiative to do 1-month site navigation station to promote, so that the site navigation free of some of the Cool news channel, the latest effect every day from the navigation station free 1WIP. Then did 4 months of SEO, which is also my job, the first and only one time to do SEO promotion company website. At that time through the SEO, every day from the search engine to add about 3W of IP, cost-effective very high. In the cool news also did 1 months of media promotion, the cool message to the soft manuscript to let a lot of Baidu's seed collection, and then play to cool network brand propaganda, but also the promotion means of not spending money.

09-11 in Baidu, has done a Web site to promote the navigation station, EDM promotion, Alliance promotion, new media promotion and so on to promote means. These are not any relationship with SEO, but also for the company's website to import a lot of targeted users.

We review the above nearly 6 years of promotion work experience, in fact, only 4 months of time, is responsible for SEO. There are more than 5 years of time to do the promotion means, and SEO has no relationship. Want to talk to some new friends is, do not do SEO, can also go to the Internet companies apply for promotional work. On the contrary, SEO training is very hot, know a lot of SEO people, will be other means of promotion of relatively few people, work will be better looking.

As for how I promote their own several sites, we are more clear, in the previous blog has also been shared many times, and SEO have no direct contact. I want to tell you through my 6 years of real promotion experience. SEO really is not equal to network promotion, can only say that SEO is a very important network promotion means.

 Site only rely on SEO is a tragedy, the fate of the search engine

In addition to the above I have mentioned a number of promotional means, there are more good non-SEO promotional means. I have been firmly believe that every means of promotion as long as the ultimate, will not be more than SEO to the effect of poor. The key is to find the best for yourself, and then stick to it. This is more secure than relying solely on the SEO single promotion method. If the site is the main source of traffic through search engines, is the fate of the search engine.

First of all, SEO promotion competition is very intense, do good people, really get the flow of water very easy. But there are many people have been pursuing this SEO for many years the only means of promotion, but has not achieved too much promotional results, thus wasting a lot of good time to promote the site.

Another step back said, and then cattle b seo Master, also do not dare to ensure that his site will not be Baidu K. If it is to do a spam site, make a quick money, by the search engine K to have nothing. But if it is a regular website, spent a lot of time and energy input, the site just a little improvement, bad luck suddenly be Baidu K, this site will not continue to promote the operation? The answer is definitely negative. At this time if more promotional means, there are more sources of traffic, do not worry about this problem. Another example of a new Web site, the initial SEO effect is certainly not ideal, but can not be through the initial SEO to users, will not continue to promote the site?

  Tell me about the past that impressed me.

At the beginning of 06, I started blogging to share my experience in Internet promotion, and I only received half a year's time. But there have been many years to do the site's old webmaster initiative to add me QQ, ask me how to promote the site. At that time I was very surprised, why these people have been doing a few years of Web site to my new recruit to ask how to promote the site? In my opinion, a very normal means of promotion, these stationmaster but never used.

Later I understand slowly, because most stationmaster at that time, do promotion also just know SEO. The site to do a good job, eyes on the search engine, once the search engine does not come traffic, do not know how to do. Let the site rot in there.

And I was on the contrary, 05-07 During this period I do not know SEO, never thought from SEO to traffic. So desperately to think of other promotional means to promote the site. When others see me to write the promotion of the article, it will feel very new, just know the original do network promotion is not only SEO.

But I never thought, in all kinds of promotional means are so widely circulated today, there are so many friends to do network promotion, but also think that SEO is network promotion, is the only means of network promotion. Because of these feelings, today must write this article out, vent my feelings.

  28 Push public service training does not teach SEO, also do not teach net earn

About SEO is not equal to the network promotion, I think 28 push public service training trainees will be more profound, although the public service training up to 5 months of time, but never taught SEO. Although 28 push did not teach any about SEO experience, but this 5 months of time, not a student will say did not think of network promotion knowledge. Of course, does not mean that SEO is not important, because I have always felt that they are not good at SEO, so it will not be in the public service training to teach SEO, lest fraught. The so-called surgery industry has specialized, if there are new people want to learn SEO, I recommend to more professional SEO training institutions,

At the same time, 28 push public service training is not net earn training base, I found that most of the net earning projects are based on SEO. 28 Push does not teach SEO, naturally more will not teach net earn. Although 28 do not teach nets earn, but through the 1-period training trainees graduated from the summary learned that many students because 28 push public welfare training 5 months of study, improve their own promotion base and learning ability, to find a better job, or to learn the promotion experience to use their own website, creating more wealth. And these are the students themselves to explore the way to make money, not 28 push hard to their, more vitality and sustainability.

Today's complaints are written here, welcome to PK "SEO is not equal to network promotion" of this view, leave a message to say your mind.


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