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With the popularization of computer office and the complication of computer games, the keyboard associated with it has become the "best instrument" for our finger-moving. Do you get tired of knocking on the keyboard every day? Perhaps most people would say that this is not a brick, how can it be tired? In fact, we all ignore the point is that you are tapping the keyboard, how much is meaningful, how much repetition is not necessary. According to statistics, in the Office of white-collar workers, a daily 50% of the keyboard operation is repetitive, mechanical, can be avoided. For example, now everyone loves to play online games, when we put skills, you think about why you have to press the same key to continue to cast skills? Why can't we just click and keep our skills in continuous release?

Figure 1

In fact, this problem, already has a software in 10 years ago, realized. It is the key wizard. Key Wizard as a simulation of keyboard and mouse operation software, has reached as long as the computer in front of both hands can complete the action, the key Wizard can be completed for your level. Let's take a look at the keyboard command of the key wizard to learn how to reduce the burden of operation.

Keyboard commands are the various commands used to simulate keyboard operations. The keyboard command panel is an area that the key wizard provides to users to directly insert a keyboard command. Here you can insert commands into the script view by configuring different settings and then clicking Insert.

Just press the button you want, then set the action type, and finally set the number of executions to insert a key statement. Let some repeat button, one key to fix.

Figure 2

Key wizard:

Enter the keyboard button that you intend to operate with the Keystroke wizard, which is capitalized when displayed. Type: Divided into three parts, "key", "hold", "bounce".

Press: Simulate the button in the key input box after the press and then bounce after the action. This is the most common way to press the key, such as when we are typing, we continue to repeat the action button.

Press and hold: Simulate the key in the button input box to press the button after the action, such as we want to use the keyboard to switch input method, you can hold down a CTRL key and then press the SHIFT key.

Bounce: This option with the "hold" option with the use of, that is, press and hold the button must let him bounce, or press the button will remain pressed state. The consequence is that there will be some strange phenomena.

Number of executions: how many times is the operation.

Key combination: To enter a combination key such as CTRL + C, here to set.

Figure 3

You do not underestimate these simple settings, it will be able to greatly improve your work, the efficiency of the game! Although this is a simple introduction, may not immediately meet your needs, but the key wizard on the Internet, there are extremely detailed text tutorials, photo tutorials and even video tutorials. After a simple study, you can also become a key to the person!

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