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Different enhanced SSL config is generated based on different server versions. See Configuration is disabled SSLv3, enabled enhanced encryption algorithm and added HSTS feature support.

Mozilla's Server Side TLS guidelines has a detailed description of the configuration.

The following is an example of Nginx configuration:

server {Listen default_server;    Listen [::]:80 default_server;    # Redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS with a 301 Moved permanently response. Return 301 https://$host $request_uri;}    server {Listen 443 SSL http2;    Listen [::]:443 SSL HTTP2; # Certs sent to the client in SERVER HELLO is concatenated in Ssl_certificate Ssl_certificate/path/to/signed_cert_plu    S_intermediates;    Ssl_certificate_key/path/to/private_key;    Ssl_session_timeout 1d;    Ssl_session_cache shared:ssl:50m;    Ssl_session_tickets off;    # Diffie-hellman parameter for DHE ciphersuites, recommended 2048 bits SSL_DHPARAM/PATH/TO/DHPARAM.PEM; # Intermediate configuration.    Tweak to your needs.    Ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2; Ssl_ciphers ' ecdhe-ecdsa-chacha20-poly1305:ecdhe-rsa-chacha20-poly1305:ecdhe-ecdsa-aes128-gcm-sha256: Ecdhe-rsa-aes128-gcm-sha256:ecdhe-ecdsa-aes256-gcm-sha384:ecdhe-rsa-aes256-gcm-sha384:d He-rsa-aes128-gcm-sha256:dhe-rsa-aes256-gcm-sha384:ecdhe-ecdsa-aes128-sha256:ecdhe-rsa-aes128-sha256:ecdhe-ecdsa-aes128-sha:ecdhe-rsa-aes256-sha384:ecdhe-rsa-aes128-sha: Ecdhe-ecdsa-aes256-sha384:ecdhe-ecdsa-aes256-sha:ecdhe-rsa-aes256-sha:dhe-rsa-aes128-sha256:dhe-rsa-aes128-sha :D He-rsa-aes256-sha256:dhe-rsa-aes256-sha:ecdhe-ecdsa-des-cbc3-sha:ecdhe-rsa-des-cbc3-sha:edh-rsa-des-cbc3-sha : aes128-gcm-sha256:aes256-gcm-sha384:aes128-sha256:aes256-sha256:aes128-sha:aes256-sha:des-cbc3-sha:!    DSS ';    Ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on; # HSTS (Ngx_http_headers_module is required) (15768000 seconds = 6 months) Add_header strict-transport-security Max-age    = 15768000;    # OCSP stapling---# fetch OCSP records from the URL in Ssl_certificate and the cache them ssl_stapling on;    Ssl_stapling_verify on; # # Verify chain of trust of OCSP response using Root CA and intermediate certs Ssl_trusted_certificate/path/to/root_ca    _cert_plus_intermediates;  Resolver

Note: The HSTS (http Strict Transport Security) function is that for some sites, when a user enters a URL without a protocol in the browser, the protocol is automatically identified as HTTPS, not http.

The above describes the Mozilla apache/nginx/lighttpd/haproxy SSL configuration generator, including the aspects of the content, I hope to be interested in PHP tutorial friends helpful.

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