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1801, a small mountain village in central Italy.

A long time ago, two young people, Bai BORO and Bruno, were very ambitious as cousins. He lives in a small village in Italy.

Two young people are the best friends.

They are big dreamers.

They kept talking about it and hoped that one day they could become the richest person in the village in some way. They are both smart and diligent. They think they only need opportunities.

One day, the opportunity came. The village decided to hire two people to ship the water from the nearby river to the water tank in the village square. The job was handed over to BOLO and Bruno.

Both of them grabbed two buckets and ran to the river. After one day, they filled the town with water tanks. Elders in the village pay for a penny per barrel.

"Our dream has been fulfilled !" Bruno shouted, "we can't believe in our good fortune ."

But BORO is not very confident.

His back was sour and painful, and his hands picked up the heavy bucket. He is afraid to get up tomorrow morning and go to work again. He vowed to come up with a better way to water the river into the village.


Boro, pipeline Builder

"Bruno, I have a plan ." The next morning, when they grabbed a bucket and ran to the river, Bai Boro said, "A day is just a fraction of the money, but we need to pay back and forth to raise water, let's just build a pipeline to bring water from the river to the village."

Bruno guest has arrived.

"One pipe? Who has heard of this ?" Bruno shouted, "Bo polo, we have a good job. I can raise one hundred barrels of water a day. A penny a bucket, one dollar a day! I am rich!

I can buy new shoes in a week. In a month, I can buy a cow. I can build a new house six months later. We have the best job in the town.

We only need to work five days a week and have two paid holidays every year. We can enjoy our lives in this life! Give up your pipeline !"

But bolo is not easy to be discouraged. He patiently explained the plan to his best friend. Boro uses the daytime time to carry water in buckets, and builds pipelines with the time and the future of the week.

He knows how difficult it is to dig a pipe in rock-hard soil. Because his salary is paid based on the number of water buckets, he knows that his salary will decrease at the beginning.

He also knows that, after one or two years, his pipeline will produce considerable benefits. But bolo believes that his dream will come true. So he did it.

Bruno and other villagers began to laugh at BORO and called him "pipeline man Boro ". Bruno made twice as much money as Bo to show off his new purchases. He bought a donkey with a brand new leather saddle tied to his new second floor.

He bought shiny new clothes and had delicious food in a country restaurant. The villagers called him Mr. brono. When he sat in the shower bar and bought a few cups for people, people laughed at the joke he was talking about.

A small behavior is equivalent to a huge result.

While Bruno and Zhou were not sleeping in the hammock for a long time, Boro was still digging his pipeline. In the first few months, the effort was not making much progress. He worked harder-he worked harder than Bruno, because polo was not working at night or in weeks.

But bolo constantly reminds himself that the realization of tomorrow's dream is built on today's sacrifice. One day later, he continued to dig, each time only 1 inch.

"1 inch and 1 inch became 1 feet ." He waved his kettle and scored into the rock-hard soil, repeating this sentence. 1 inch is changed to 1 feet, and then 10 ...... 20 ...... 100 feet ......

"Short-term pains will be rewarded in the long term ." After finishing his work every day, when he stumbled back to his humble hut, he reminded himself. He measures the effectiveness of his work by setting and achieving daily goals. He knows that one day, the return will be much greater than the payment.

"Focus on return ." When he fell asleep slowly and heard laughter from villagers, he repeatedly said this.

"Focusing on return"

Time to run

Day by day, the month of January has passed. One day, Boro realized that his pipeline was half done, which meant that he only needed to pull his bucket halfway! Boro spent additional time building pipelines. The completion date is getting closer and closer.

While he was resting, Sabo saw his talented friend, Bruno, who was trying to transport water. Bruno is more hunchback than before. Due to long-term fatigue, the pace also slows down. Bruno was so angry and unhappy that he hated him for running water all his life.

He spent less time in the hammock, but a lot of time in the bar. When Bruno came in, his customers all whispered, "a bucket named Bruno is here ."

The drunkers in the town giggled while imitating Bruno's hunchback and dragging his feet. Bruno no longer buys wine for others or tells jokes. He would rather sit alone in the dark corner surrounded by a pile of empty bottles.

Finally, the big day of BORO finally came-the pipeline was finished! The villagers gathered to see the water flowing into the sink from the pipeline! Now there is a steady stream of fresh water in the village. When other nearby villages were moved to the village, the village began to flourish.

When the pipeline is finished, Bai Boro no longer needs to raise a bucket. Whether or not he works, the water is flowing in continuously. When he was eating, the water was flowing in. When he goes to bed, the water is flowing in. When he is not playing in the week, the water is flowing in. The more water it flows into the village, the more money it flows into the poo pocket.

The pipeline was famous, and he was called a miracle maker. Politicians praised him for his foresight and urged him to run for mayor. But bolo understands that what he has done is not a miracle. This is just the first step of a great dream. You know, the plan is much larger than the village.

Boro plans to build pipelines around the world.

Recruit his friends for help

The pipeline forces Bruno to lose his job. Bai Boro was upset when he watched his friend ask for free wine from his restaurant boss. Therefore, Boro arranged a meeting with Bruno.

"Bruno, I am here to ask for your help ."

Bruno stood up and squinted at his godless eyes, and said with a hoarse voice, "don't dig into me ."

"I'm not here to boast of You ." "I am here to provide you with a good business opportunity. It took me two years to build the first pipeline. But I have learned a lot over the past two years!

I know what tools to use, where to empty, and how to manage. I took notes along the way. I developed a system that allows us to build another pipeline, and then another pipeline ...... Another ......

"I can build an MPS queue in a year. But this is not the best way to use my time. What I want to do is to teach you to build pipelines with others ...... Then you teach others ...... Then they will teach others ......

Until pipelines fill every village in the region ...... At last, every village in the world has pipelines ."

"Just think about it," Polo continued. "We only need to earn a small percentage from the water flowing into these pipelines. The more water flow into the pipeline, the more money will flow into our pockets. The pipeline I built is not the end of my dream, but the beginning ."

Bruno finally understood this magnificent blueprint. He smiled and stretched out the rough hand to his old friend. They hold each other's hand tightly, like an old friend who has been lost for many years.

Pipeline dream in the bucket world

Many years have passed. Boro and Bruno have retired for many years. They spread the world's pipeline business to pump millions of revenues into their bank accounts each year. While they sometimes traveled across the country, Bolo and Bruno met the young people who picked up buckets.

The friends who grew up together always stop the car, tell their stories to the young people, and help them build their own pipelines. Some people are willing to listen and immediately seize this opportunity to start pipeline business.

Sadly, most of the bucket owners are impatient to reject the idea of building pipelines. Bo polo and Bruno have heard the same excuse for countless times.

"I don't have time ."

"My friend told me that a friend of mine tried to build a pipeline but failed ."

"Only those who have joined the pipeline very early can make money from the pipeline ."

"I have been raising buckets all my life. I just want to maintain the status quo ."

"I know I lost money in the channel scam, but I don't know ."

Boro and Bruno feel sad for many who lack foresight.

But they admit that they live in a bucket world, and only a small part of them dare to dream of a pipe.


The above is the real story of pipeline creators. After listening to the story, you will surely have your own feelings. Successful people dare to do it. Most people who fail can't pass their own customs, or feel that they have no money, or that they can't do it, or that they have no perseverance and patience. Therefore, the road to success is lonely and lonely, but because of this, the winners will win applause, dignity, and wealth.



MPs queue story (1) MPs queue story

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