MSC. Simufact. FORMING. V13.3 Metal Forming process simulation software +msc. Simufact. Welding. V5.0 simulation Software

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MSC. Simufact. Welding. V5.0 simulation Software
Simufact simulation software is a large and complex software, covering a wide range of functions, in order to provide users with the best solution, simufact and other software companies to take the strategy of cooperation, the various areas of the leading software modules integrated in Simufact software, including solvers, CAD interface, Grid division and material performance simulation. In collaboration with these software companies, Simufact can focus on developing user interfaces and advanced features for real-world process simulation. Simufact.welding is one of the simulation software specifically for welding.

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MSC. Simufact. FORMING. V13.3 Metal Forming process simulation software
Simufact is a special package software, which can be used for cold, hot forging, sheet metal, extrusion, stretching and bending and other metals forming. Simufact.forming, formerly known as the Msc.superform and Msc.superforge two sets of software, means that the solver used in the calculation is the solver for Msc.marc and Msc.dytran. In 2004, two sets of forged simulation software modules were sold to the maintenance team Simufact (formerly Femutec) in Germany because of the financial and business direction of MSC Group.

MSC. SIMXPERT. V2016 fully integrated multidisciplinary simulation solution
Use the Simxpert single emulation platform to complete all phases of the simulation process.
SimXpert is an all-in-one computer-aided engineering environment for product simulation, enabling manufacturers to increase simulation speed and accuracy, improve design productivity, and bring better products to market faster. SimXpert achieves this by integrating multidisciplinary analysis capabilities, best-in-breed simulation methodologies, and high-level customization into the same engineering environment. With SimXpert's integrated engineering environment, analysts and designers can not only reduce the number of tool software in the engineering workflow, but also share key information with each other better.
Simxpert is a new generation of computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications that are used in modeling and analysis using finite element and Multibody dynamics (MBD). Combined with MSC's Advanced Multidisciplinary Synthesis (MD) Solver Technology, Simxpert provides an effective end-to-end solution that enables you to move from computer-aided design (CAD) to analytical reporting in an easy-to-use application. QQ:1458538100 Mail (email): [Email protected]

MSC. MARC. V2015 Nonlinear Finite element software
MSC Marc is the product of Marc Corporation acquired by Corporation in 1999. Marc was founded in 1967 and is the first non-linear finite element software company in the world. After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, Marc Software has been highly respected and widely used by academia and industry, and established its position as a leader in the global non-linear finite element software industry.
With the continuous expansion of Marc Software, the application field of software has expanded rapidly from the early development of the nuclear power industry to aviation, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, railways, petrochemical, energy, electronic components, machinery manufacturing, materials engineering, civil construction, medical equipment, metallurgy and household appliances, etc. Become a necessary tool for many well-known companies and research institutes to develop new products and technologies. QQ:1458538100 Mail (email): [Email protected]
Marc Software passed the ISO9001 quality certification. In China, Marc passed the rigorous examination and certification of the National Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee, and became the finite element analysis software adapted to the standard gb4732-95 of pressure vessel analysis and design.

MSC. EASY5. V2015 simulation software for control systems and multi-disciplinary dynamic systems
MSC Easy5 is a set of simulation software for control systems and multi-disciplinary dynamic systems to quickly build complete and reliable functional virtual prototypes at the product concept and system-level design stage.
Founded in Boeing, MSC Easy5 is developed by experienced engineers and numerical experts from various disciplines in collaboration with practical engineering problems and requirements, and has developed into a unique simulation tool for control and multidisciplinary dynamic systems, after nearly 30 years of continuous accumulation and extensive engineering problems. It is the crystallization of Boeing's engineering simulation experience, which is widely used in aerospace, defense, automotive, engineering equipment, heavy machinery and other industrial fields. With the help of MSC Easy5 's powerful professional application library, precise model components, excellent solver and rich analytical tools, we can build dynamic system models of control and multi-disciplinary field, carry out effective simulation evaluation, assist users to select parameters, function evaluation, response analysis or control logic design of various systems. Thus reducing the risk of physical prototyping. QQ:1458538100 Mail (email): [Email protected]
The MSC Easy5 combines a fully graphical modeling environment, powerful simulation and analysis capabilities, and an open architecture that connects a wide range of engineering software and hardware to simulate a variety of dynamic systems described by differential, differential, and algebraic equations. The MSC Easy5 is unique in that: one, powerful control system simulation and analysis ability, can establish a variety of complex control system model, including steady state analysis, linear system analysis, frequency domain response, root locus analysis and other complete control system analysis type; second, multi-disciplinary professional application library, Provide users with a unique ability to build system-level models and study the coupling problems of multidisciplinary systems with predefined model components in a professional application library; Third, excellent code generation and solvers, can be automatically generated by the graphical system model of the corresponding Fortran or C source code, The code can be compiled to generate executable programs, and can be called by the user, its four, efficient advanced modeling and two development features, easy to create user-friendly model components, and can call external Fortran or C subroutine, its five, with other CAE software good integration capabilities, The model of different CAE software can be integrated into the MSC Easy5 to establish a complete virtual prototype, which is a real collaborative simulation platform.

MSC. DYTRAN. V2016 high-speed transient nonlinear dynamic numerical simulation
MSC Dytran is one of the core products of company, which is specially applied to the numerical simulation of transient fluid-solid coupling problem with high-speed transient nonlinear dynamic problem.
Starting in 1988, MSC developed the MSC Dyna in the framework of the structural transient dynamic response software DYNA3D and released the first version in 1990. The program inherits DYNA3D's excellent fast explicit integration algorithm and rich material mode, using Msc.nastran input data format, which can be used to analyze various nonlinear transient responses, such as high-speed impact, contact friction, stamping molding, etc.
1993 MSC released the first commercial version of MSC Dytran. The product integrates Msc.dyna and Msc.pisces, Lagrange and Euler algorithms complement each other, becoming the first large-scale commercial software capable of simulating complex fluid-solid coupling problems, highly nonlinear and transient dynamic response, and is suitable for simulating the common explosion, wear-first fluid-solid coupling problem in the field of IDF engineering. In the defense, aerospace, nuclear safety, petrochemical and other fields have a wide range of applications. In the subsequent development, MSC Dytran with MSC's flagship product MSC Nastran in the cell library, data structure, and before and after processing. QQ:1458538100 Mail (email): [Email protected]
Over the past more than 10 years, MSC Dytran has undergone numerous research and engineering projects in the fields of aviation, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, railways, national defense and nuclear industry. The development environment of the software is ISO certified, and every day, more than 500 examples are automatically tested to ensure the reliability and stability of the program. 2003 Company and LSTC Company reached a global strategic cooperation Agreement, the Ls-dyna program fully integrated into the MSC Dytran. This feature is easy to implement on Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. The calculation is efficient and the solution is stable. MSC combines the strongest Lagrange technology with the strongest Euler and coupling technology to form the most powerful non-linear explicit finite element software.

MSC. Adams. V2015.1 Adams is the most widely used mechanical system simulation software in the world.
A new user interface
The Adams 2015 user interface provides a new ribbon format and intuitive layout. The new Ribbon style provides improved labeling, making modeling easier and easier to use. The engineer will discover the original toolbox and Modeling menu items, which will be presented in a series of tabs in the main menu bar and the status toolbar, such as solid modeling, simulation and post-processing functions.
At the same time, Adams 2015 also implements a new pre-processing model browser, which provides an improved way to implement model navigation within Adams/view. This is particularly useful for understanding the new model structure relationships that are acquired from colleagues or business partners. Engineers will experience improved model navigation, especially for complex models, right-click to easily browse non-graphical entities, dynamic search and save filters, and improved visualization and model control.

Automatic flexible Body Generation qq:1458538100 mail (email): [Email protected]
Version 2015 Adams introduces a new Adams/viewflex module that enables users to create flexible bodies without having to leave the Adams environment or rely on external finite element Modeling (FEM) or finite element analysis (FEA) software. This feature technical support comes from the embedded MSC Nastran, which is implemented as a whole in the Adams background. This improves design efficiency and makes it easier to model high fidelity.
Improved solver calculation speed and stability
The improved Adams C + + solver is currently the default solver for all Adams products, including Adams/view and Adams/car. The Adams C + + Solver provides modeling and simulation capabilities not available in the Fortran solver, such as nonlinear beam and field, flexible body contact, gap measurement, precision linearization algorithms, Adams/controls in System import options, support for delay differential equations, and parallel processing, among other functions.

Auto Module function Enhancement
Adams 2015 introduced a new Adams/car tire and road hardening technology to carry out road simulation tests with high fidelity. The new three-dimensional envelope contact model captures more realistic tyre forces over small obstacles. Road visualization is now faster and better consistent with analog code, improving the user's ability to understand vehicle motion and improve visual performance.
The Adams/car adds new vehicle simulation events, including maintaining linear motion, linear braking on different attachment coefficients, and static setting of the vehicle, including the independent load-bearing of four wheels, beam angle and camber positioning, and body height adjustment. These new features provide users with a better choice of simulation events, improved analysis efficiency, and ease of use. In Adams/chassis, the new flexible body generation function can now be used in conjunction with any component that supports flexible bodies, in contrast to previously provided body connection points that are only used in conjunction with body and frame parts. This improves efficiency and makes it easier to model high fidelity.

MSC. Simufact. FORMING. V13.3 Metal Forming process simulation software +msc. Simufact. Welding. V5.0 simulation Software

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