Mssql_connect () connection on CentOS issue with "Unable to connect to server" issue

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Help: Mssql_connect () connection problem under CentOS, "Unable to connect to server" issue appears.
The "Unable to connect server" error message always appears when using Mssql_connect () under the CentOS system.

Background: The Web server for the CentOS system needs to connect to the MSSQL database server. MSSQL database uses MSSSQL2000, (MSSQL2008 also tried, the problem is the same).

The CentOS system installs the FreeTDS and Php-mssql modules using the Yum Install method, using Phpinfo () to see if the Php-mssql has been successfully installed. Using the TSQL test to connect the MSSQL account password under CentOS is correct. However, when connecting using the Mssql_connect () function in a php file, there is always a "Unable to connect server" Fault prompt (via error_log query).

Program code:
$link = Mssql_connect (' ', ' sa ', ' * * * * '); There are always errors, add no port number: 1433, the fault is still if (! $link)
Die (' Unable to connect! error: '. Mssql_get_last_message ());

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Just one can't connect, no more clear error message?
Output mssql_get_last_message () see what it is.
It looks like it's installed properly, right? SQL Server I had a situation where SA was not recorded successfully and the final setting was resolved
You test it again and try to get a more detailed error message.
And you change the IP to localhost or and try again.
You don't have the authority, of course not even up.
Is it the original code? Why do I look at mysql_connect () all wrong????
The database side is another Windows MSSQLSERVER server!!!
Are you cross-domain access, halo
The default installation of MSSQL, which is not allowed for remote linking, requires that the remote link be opened to the server in Configuration Manager before it can be properly linked.
In addition, the remote link, also affected by the firewall, any one end (that is, the client and server side) of the firewall, can prohibit its normal link.
It is recommended to configure the network environment first, and then check the MSSQL configuration, the last is to check your PHP program.
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