MTK Android Standard Compilation command

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Command format:./maketek [option] [Project] [action] [modules]


-T,-tee: Output log information to the current terminal

-O,-opt= ...: Compile additional conditions, general use-opt=target_build_variant=user to compile the user board software

-H, Help: Print the assistance information and exit

Project: Project name, for example: BASICOM72_WET_JB3


N, NEW: Recompile the entire project

C, clean: Cleans up copy files and log information at compile time

R, remake: The entire project is checked for modifications and compiled

LISTP, Listproject: View all of the current project

CodeGen: Generate Database

Nandgen: Generate Nand_device_list.h (for use with NAND flash only)

Check-env: Check if the compilation environment is OK

CHECK-DEP: Checking for functional dependencies

Check-modem: Check Modem

Update-modem: Update the latest modem.img to System.img

MM: Used to compile the APK module, such as:./MK mm Package/apps/deskclok

Emigen: Generating flash-related files (custom_emi.c/.h)


Compilation module: Preloader, Uboot, kernel, Android

Abbreviation: PL, UB, K, Dr

Other common commands:

./MK $project New first compilation needs to write the name of the project, which can be omitted later

./MK $project R (n) PL (/UB/K/DR) remake or new single module, such as:./MK r UB When compiling kernel, you need to do the package to bootimage operation at the same time, because the kernel part is finally packaged into bootimage And then burn it into the flash

./MK Bootimage/snod/systemimage Packaging Module

./MK Otapackage compiled SD card system upgrade package, generated zip package in out/target/product/project/directory

./MK Banyan_addon compiling the MTK SDK package

Module modification and the corresponding compilation command:

After modifying DWS, first Gencode or through the command./MK drvgen to generate the corresponding. h/.c file, this file will be called by Preloader Uboot kernel and therefore requires new Preloader Uboot kernel and kernel Further needs to be further./MK bootimage Packaging

Preloader Quick Compile:

Modify the following directory or file required./mk r (N) Pl





mediatek/custom/$project the header file under/common/

mediatek/custom/$project/kernel/dct/header file (cust_kpd.h,cust_gpio_usage.h)

Uboot Quick Compile:

Modify the following file or directory required./MK r (N) UB






mediatek/custom/$project the header file under/common/

mediatek/custom/$project/kernel/dct/header file (cust_kpd.h,cust_gpio_usage.h)



Kernel Quick Compile:

Modify the following files or directories required./MK r (N) k then execute./MK bootimage packaged into boot.img







mediatek/custom/$project the header file under/common/

Header file under mediatek/custom/common/hal/

mediatek/custom/$project the header file under/hal/

./MK bootimage

Package Build $product_out/boot.img

Package Build $product_out/ramdisk.img

./MK Recoveryimage

According to the dependence will Mr. Cheng Boot.img

Package Build $product_out/recovery.img

./MK Snod/systemimage-nodeps

Package generates $PRODUCT_OUT/SYSTEM.IMG but does not check for any dependencies

./MK Systemimage

Package build $product_out/system.img Check for any dependencies

./MK Cacheimage

Package Build $product_out/cache.img

./MK Userdataimage

Package Build $product_out/userdata.img

./MK Secroimage

Package Build $product_out/secro.

MTK Android Standard Compilation command

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