Multi-domain mail transceiver for Exchange Server 2010

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Recently, someone often mentions how Exchange's multiple domain names are implemented, simply collating a document and communicating with everyone.

By default, the default policy for Exchange Server 2010 is to send and receive mail using the same domain name as the ad domain name, which can already satisfy the mail requirements of most businesses. But it is inevitable that some enterprises need multiple domain names, each subsidiary uses a different domain name to send and receive mail, at this time we can consider adding other domain names on exchange, so that it supports multiple domain names for mail delivery.

Of course, for some multinational or large enterprises, it is possible to use a multiple-forest multi-domain, Tanlindo domain architecture to build multiple sets of Exchange servers to achieve the need for mail multiple domain names.

The cost is quite low compared to how we use a set of Exchange servers to send and receive multiple domain mail. O (∩_∩) hahaha

Let's look at the specific method

Before you begin, you need to explain:

Each additional recipient accepted domain needs to increase the corresponding a record and MX record. Otherwise the new domain sent to the mail will be there to go no back oh!

This test adds a domain name to the existing Exchange.

1. First open ad Users and computers, create an organizational unit OU for users who use the Contoso domain name, and create the appropriate users.

and specify the user's owning company as in the user properties

This step is the key Oh!

2. Open the Exchange 2010 Management Console, navigate to organization configuration---Hub Transport---accepted domains, and in the right pane, in actions, select New accepted domain

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