Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)

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Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)
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Course Introduction
I. Introduction of the Course
Mean is a modern web development framework for the JavaScript platform, which is the first letter combination of MongoDB + Express +angularjs + NodeJS four frames. It is the abbreviation for a full set of development tools like traditional lamp.
This course combines the project with a comprehensive and systematic explanation of the specific application of ANGULAR2,NODE.JS,MONGODB and through this project, trainees can achieve the following goals:
Goal 1: Mastering the integration and configuration of NODE6.X+ANGULARJS+EXPRESS+EJS+MONGODB
Goal 2: Learn about the package of model and the application of JS OOP in the project
Goal 3: Understanding Session Persistence Database Technology (leveraging third-party packages)
Goal 4: Understand the basic use of rights control
Target 5, mastering angular component development, service, routing, Dependency injection
Goal 6, understanding processing techniques for cross-domain requests
Objective 7, through the comprehensive project to achieve the integration through the mastery of angular and node knowledge before

Course Outline:
1th, ANGULAR2 programming prequel-Different JavaScript
2nd Chapter, Angular2 preferred language-typescript explaining
3rd Chapter, Angular 2 development environment Construction
The 4th chapter, the example quick to get started Angular2
The 5th chapter, the template in Angular2
The event response mechanism in the 6th chapter and ANGULAR2
7th Chapter, example explanation-Angular2 form
8th chapter, routing in ANGULAR2
The 9th chapter, the first node experience
The 10th Chapter, Node module development and NPM package
11th chapter, building node-based Web server
12th, using Express to streamline development
The 13th chapter, Express Development Web application First Order
14th chapter, Nodejs operation Database-mongodb
The 15th chapter, the project actual combat

Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)

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