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Multi-Yuan-intelligence-energy theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ primary business CQ creation business mq d-Business qidr business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang

In the multi-element-intelligence-energy theory, human intelligence can be divided into at least eight categories:
Language intelligence (verbal/linguistic)
-The ability to effectively use languages and texts.
Logical mathematical intelligence (logical/mathematical)
-Effectively utilizes the capabilities of digits and reasoning.
Visual space intelligence (visual/spatial)
-Accurately sense the visual space and express what you know.
Body Movement intelligence (bodily/kinesthetic)
-Be good at using the whole body to express thoughts and feelings, and use your hands to produce or transform things smartly.
Music Intelligence (musical/rhythmic)
-Ability to detect, identify, change, and express music.
Interpersonal relationship (inter-personal/social)
-Ability to perceive and differentiate others' emotions, intentions, motivations, and feelings.
-Ability to be self-aware and make appropriate actions accordingly.
Natural observation intelligence (naturalist, which was added in January 1995)
-Cognition and preference of the living environment.

According to these smart categories, many different smart commerce theories have been developed, such as the following:

Intelligence Quotient IQ)
It is a representation of the human intelligence level. It represents a potential ability to provide memory, computation, problem solving, and other essential capabilities for survival, that is, the value measured by the intelligence test.

Emotional Quotient eq (emotion quotient)
This business number refers to the degree of emotional stability in the face of the impact of multiple social changes. The higher the number of businesses, the higher the ability to withstand changes, not only adapt to the changing environment, but also adapt to the environment, thus creating a positive environment.

Judgment quotient)
A good analysis will have a good judgment, otherwise it will become a false decision or a bet. Therefore, to cultivate a good judgment commodity number, we need to cultivate the analytical capability. If there is a good judgment, it is difficult to make a decision. The future is a competition with time. Therefore, to make a good decision, we must rely on a high number of judges.

Adversity business AQ (Adversity Quotient)
Adversity business is the way in which individuals or organizations respond to adversity in the face of adversity. The higher a person's AQ, the more flexible the face of adversity, positive optimism, to accept difficulties and challenges, the more frustrated, after all, the performance of excellence. On the contrary, people with low AQ will feel frustrated and lost, complain everywhere, escape from challenges, lack of creativity, and often get rid of things halfway, eventually achieving nothing.

Number of creative vendors CQ (creation quotient)
It is innovative for everyone. There are new ways and ideas for handling various transactions and solving various problems at work in life, and the processing effect is better than other old methods. The ability to produce such new ideas and methods is called the number of creative businesses.

Health Quotient)
The number of healthy businesses includes the physical and mental states, the knowledge of health, and the suitability of living habits. That is, the higher the degree of 'physical and mental health', the higher the number of healthy businesses. The higher the 'health knowledge cognition ', the higher the number of sellers, and the higher the number of consumers, the better the 'living habits. These three items often interact with each other. Any development will affect the development of the other two items. To maintain a high number of healthy businesses, you need to check the physical and mental status from time to time, absorb relevant knowledge and maintain good habits.

Finance quotient)
Different people have different ways to pursue wealth. But how can we measure a person's financial management ability? Financial transactions provide a new direction to measure a person's financial management ability and the wisdom to create wealth. It refers to a person's financial intelligence and the wisdom of financial management. Financial Business involves two capabilities: one is the ability to correctly understand the rules of money and money, and the other is the ability to correctly use the rules of money and money.

Spiritual quotient)
In addition to physical existence, human beings also exist at the psychological, emotional, social, and intellectual levels. The most important thing is the existence of spirituality. A person is happy and unhappy, his or her success is unsuccessful, his or her health is unhealthy, his or her IQ is often irrelevant, and his or her relationship with EQ is not necessarily close (those who experience EQ are not always happy, successful, or healthy ), however, the relationship with SQ is the most direct: SQ height, the happiest, the most successful, and the most healthy.

Developer count DQ (development quotient)
Development represents development and presentation. It is a kind of ability to generate and evolve. The number of developers represents the ability of a person to promote the transformation of State or state of affairs. This ability is also the source of human social progress. The constant transformation and change of the state of things can combine new social environments. Therefore, the higher the number of developers, the more they can change the environment and create an environment.


1. IQ Intelligence Quotient IQ

IQ = Intelligence Quotient

IQ is the abbreviation of intelligence quotient, indicating the number of intelligent businesses, or IQ for short. It is an indicator of the individual's intelligence development level. It was first proposed by L. W. Stern, a German psychologist, to introduce IQ in developing the Stanford-Bi internal scale and improve it. IQ is the quotient obtained by dividing the mental age by the actual age, multiplied by 100, that is, the ratio of IQ. The formula is as follows:

IQ = MA (intelligence age)/Ca (actual age) × 100

The premise of its establishment is that the wisdom age increases with the actual age. In fact, the Intelligence does not increase along with the age. after the age of 16, the Intelligence basically stops developing. Obviously, ratio IQ has great limitations. D. Wechsler, a famous medical psychologist in the United States, used the deviation IQ calculation method when preparing the children's intelligence scale. Calculated based on the mean (and standard deviation SD) in statistics, that is, the personal score in the unit of standard deviation deviates from the average score of the same age group, therefore, it is not affected by the age of the tester. This calculation method not only overcomes the psychological age but also supports horizontal comparison between the same age group and ratio IQ, which can only be compared between different age groups. Nowadays, the IQ calculation method, namely, deviation IQ, is mostly used.

Psychologists use the intelligence test tool to measure a person's intelligence level, and use the IQ to express the intelligence advantages and disadvantages. In ancient times, there were also many intelligence tests. For example, in the age of Beiqi, Liu Dayu used the quiz "draw a left hand and draw a circle on the Right Hand" to measure people's intelligence, these tests do not have certain indicators. The widely used IQ scoring method is derived from the concept of the intelligent age of Chennai.

The mental age refers to the age at which the intelligence reaches a certain level, which is a measure of a person's intelligence. The initial Simon bennai intelligence test used an age scale to represent the test score. Here, the age scale is in the scale where each age group has six questions, each question represents the wisdom age of two months, and the wisdom age of the component tables of the correct age groups is added, this is the children's mental age.

Later, it was found that the age of wisdom was 10 years, which had different meanings for children aged 8, 10, and 15 years. Therefore, in 1916, the score table revised by Meng adopted the concept of IQ. IQ refers to the intelligence age and actual age quotient mentioned above. The two ages are separated, and more are decimal places. In order to meet people's habits, psychologists integer this commodity number, that is, multiply by 100:

IQ = MA (smart age)/Ca (real age) × 100

If wisdom age represents the level of psychological development and an absolute amount, IQ represents the rate of psychological development, which is a relative amount. Obviously, IQ is more scientific than smart age.

We can see from the above formula that IQ is more than 100. But is the score above 110 a "genius?

Some people have made statistics on the proportion of each IQ score in the group:

Only 1% of people have an IQ of over 140. 11% of people have an IQ of over 120 ~ 139 points; 18% points to 110 points ~ 119 points; 46% points to 90 points ~ 109 points; 15% points belong to 80 points ~ 89 points; 6% points to 70 points ~ 79 points; in addition, 3% of people have an IQ of less than 70 points.

2. EQ emotional quotient EQ

It is the abbreviation of emotional quotient. Chinese means: "Emotional Intelligence" or "Emotional Intelligence", referred to as "Emotional Intelligence.

It represents a person's emotional intelligence ability. In simple terms, EQ is the ability of a person to manage his or her own emotions and manage others' emotions.

It is the ability to manage your emotions and deal with interpersonal relationships. Nowadays, people are faced with fast-paced life, high-load work, and complex interpersonal relationships. It is difficult to succeed without a high EQ. People with high EQ are fond of interacting with them and can always get support and support from many people. At the same time, interpersonal relationships are also an important resource in life. Good interpersonal relationships often lead to more success opportunities. Fred luthans, one of the representatives of the Authority change theory, has investigated successful managers (fast promotions) and effective managers (high management performance, it is found that the two are significantly different: the maintenance of Interpersonal Network relationships contributes the most to successful managers, accounting for 48%, while the effective managers only account for 11%. It can be seen that in the workplace, it is not enough to work hard to achieve rapid growth. Good interpersonal relationships are an important factor for success.

3. aq Adversity Quotient adversity

Recently, an adversity quotient (aq) is a new term in the enterprise management field. It refers to the ability to withstand the pressure of adversity, or to withstand failures and setbacks. Clearly depicts a person's frustration endurance. AQ is our ability to handle adversity. According to AQ expert Paul? Dr. Shi's research shows that the higher a person's AQ, the more he can elastically face adversity, be positive and optimistic, accept difficult challenges, and use his creativity to find a solution. Therefore, he is indomitable and more frustrated, after all, the performance is superior. On the contrary, people with low AQ will feel frustrated and lost, complain everywhere, escape from challenges, and lack of creativity. Instead, they often give up halfway and abandon themselves. In the end, nothing can be done.

In today's peaceful age, the ability to cope with adversity can make you undefeated. "Suffering is a stepping stone to genius, a fortune to competent people, and an abyss of 10 thousand for the weak ." "Suffering is the best education in life ." Celebrity discussion tells us that a great personality can only be stimulated by experience melting and suffering, its potential can be broadened, its soul can be sublimated, and its future can be successful, the so-called bitter, bitter, for people.
The richest people in any country or region are generally from poor people or with low academic qualifications. They have created a great business from scratch and earned an enviable fortune and reputation. None of them are smooth sailing, or even ups and downs. After several ups and downs, they will succeed without failure or setbacks.
Adversity will not last long, and the strong will win. Because people have amazing potential, as long as you are determined to exert it, you will be able to overcome the difficulties and achieve brilliant life.

AQ is not only closely related to our work performance, but also an important key to whether a person is happy. Especially when the big environment is sluggish, both in-service and out-of-service scenarios will increase the chance of unexpected situations. Therefore, the more important it is to practice the ability to respond to adversity. What should I do to improve my AQ?

Do not complain, only solve the problem

In the face of bad circumstances, people with low AQ will blame the East and the West. It is the fault of others, which makes them unable to do so. After complaining, the mood is often more frustrated, and the problem remains unsolved. People with high AQ usually do not have time to complain because they are busy solving the problem. Therefore, reduce the time required to complain. Because the time required to complain is less than one minute, the time needed to improve.

First look at the advantages, then look at the disadvantages

When a setback occurs, if the first thought is: "It's done, it's not saved .」 It is hard to escape the curse of pessimism. Q's best practice is to first ask yourself, "What can be cherished now ?」 In other words, find an advantage in setbacks and turn it into a boost to progress. For example, if you suddenly lose your job, you may be confused. But if you think about it, you have to spend more time on your own and pay for it. So it seems like a good idea to study and cultivate your second specialty, this may create another pattern. After all, self-resentment and self-sorrow cannot solve the problem. Finding opportunities in adversity is a wonderful performance of high aq.

Turn the misfortune of the moment into a "lucky" in the future 」

Looking at frustration, AQ experts clearly know that a lifetime of success or failure cannot be decided. Just like Li an, the University did not take an exam, but he found his real stage. Now, I think it's really "fortunately" that he didn't take the exam to the University, or that's not the case now. So as long as you remain optimistic and have forgotten your fortune, AQ experts will be able to turn the misfortune of the moment into a "lucky" for future review 」.

Let us increase our adversity and business numbers together. As a result, our remarkable achievements in our work will surely be around the corner. Success is a habit, an attitude, and an instinct we are born.

4. FQ Financial Intelligence Quotient financial

Fq (Financial Intelligence Quotient) is a financial service provider. Financial management capabilities, especially investment income capabilities. Without financial management skills, how much money you have will be spent slowly. The so-called "Rich three generations" refers to the money accumulated by Lao Tzu, who has financial business, at most, it will eventually be lost in the hands of any child without any financial business. Financial businesses are the abilities that a person needs most, and are also the most overlooked.

Our fathers are "poor fathers". They only teach us to study well, find a job, save more money, and spend less money. It doesn't matter if you earn less, but the key is stability. They never taught me how to manage financial resources if I want to have financial companies. Therefore, finance is an urgent capability for us. Financial management is becoming richer and richer. One key reason is the difference between financial companies. In particular, how can the rich accumulate such great wealth throughout their life? The answer is: Investment and financial management capabilities.

● Financial businesses can be changed through specialized training and learning the day after tomorrow, changing your financial business and changing your financial situation.

● Financial Business is the most practical and negligible ability of a person. It can be imagined that a person who does not care about financial services must be a person with a poor sense of reality.

● Financial businesses have two capabilities: one is the ability to correctly understand money and money patterns, and the other is the ability to correctly apply money and money patterns.

● Financial Business is not only the only intelligence that can develop healthily in people's reality, but also a kind of human idea and intelligence. Of course, it is a very important kind.

● Financial businesses are often badly needed and ignored. Financial businesses are not isolated, but closely related to other wisdom and capabilities of people.

5. HQ Health Quotient

HQ, Health Quotient refers to the reflection of personal health awareness, health knowledge and health ability. Health is the greatest wealth in life, as if health is 1. Career, love, money, family, friendship, power, etc. are the things behind 1, therefore, one life alone is far from enough, but if one is lost (healthy), the following 0 does not make any sense to you. Therefore, peace is a blessing. Therefore, the premise of happiness is caring for, cherishing your own lives, and striving to create, share your career, love, wealth, power, and other values in life.

Human beings have gone through a long process of exploration, gradually understanding the objective world, developing civilization, mastering science and technology, and creating rich material wealth. People are also thinking about what is the most valuable in the world? What have you accumulated after solving the basic requirements of life? After a long period of exploration and research, I gradually realized that after a rich life, the top priority is not to accumulate wealth, but to be healthy. In addition, health is the most valuable wealth, the loss of health leads to the loss of everything. In recent years, a new concept has been proposed: "Health is higher than wealth ". In the past, people paid attention to "IQ" and "EQ". Now they realize that there is still a high health service provider in the new century ).

A good health condition is your greatest fortune; a new concept of self-health guided by health care providers; a person's feeling, mental state, living environment, and lifestyle, can have a direct impact on health. Health suppliers emphasize health thoughts and innovations. Health merchants draw a blueprint for health. First, you need to establish your own health index, then decide a suitable solution, and finally develop an implementation plan that can significantly improve your life and health. Once you understand your health care provider and how to use it, you have mastered the secrets of health and longevity. More importantly, no matter how old or healthy you are, the quality of life will be greatly improved.

6. BQ bean quotient vendor

In the past, for a long time, psychologists can only use one scale to measure human intelligence: intelligence quotient (IQ ). However, in recent years, some psychologists believe that the ability to control emotions is a more important factor for success. They advocate "Emotional Intelligence", while the masses call it "Emotional Intelligence" (EQ ). Later, another scale called Adversity Quotient (aq) emerged.
However, I want to tell you a new scale. This was discovered by a scientist from the sixth science class in our school (Sorry, It is next) after a long time observation of the students in this class. I call it bean quotient (Bq ).
This name is selected because there is a classmate Chen in this class who is very interesting and often brings us laughter. He is like Mr. Bean, So he calls the new scale he has developed on him "bean commodity number 」.
What is Bq? Basically, this is an indicator of the level of ridiculousness (please note, not humor? Humor), especially unconscious and funny.

7. CQ creativity quotient number of creative vendors
It is the abbreviation of the creative commodity number, also known as "CQ", that is, the abbreviation of the English "creatificquotient". It is a person's ability and IQ, specifically, it refers to a person's thinking, openness, innovation, and creativity. Together with IQ and EQ, they constitute three major business numbers of humans.

The core idea of a provider is OIC, that is, open + innovation + creation ). OIC includes three chain systems:

Core problem chain of OIC: Open Problem Solving (OPS) + innovative problem solving (IPS) + creative problem solving (CPS ). the core thinking chain of OIC: global thinking (WBT) + open thinking (OT) + innovative thinking (IT) + creative thinking (CT ). core capability chain of OIC: open capability (OA) + innovation capability (IA) + creation capability (CA ). the development path of Innovation: Construction of brain Neural chains, re-engineering of concept chains, internalization of thinking chains, and Externalization of capability chains. Entrepreneurship is a kind of deepening and Externalization of human IQ. It is a standard to measure the degree of application and transformation of a person's IQ in discovering unknown problems and solving practical problems. it is a weight to measure a person's real ability to act and succeed.

8. MQ moral intelligence quotient

Moral intelligence quotient (MQ) refers to a person's moral level or moral personality. The content of German businessmen includes considerate, respectful, tolerant, forgiving, honest, responsible, peaceful, loyal, polite, humorous and other virtues. We often say that "morality and intelligence" puts morality first. Kars said that character is better than knowledge. It can be seen that Germany is the most important. A high-moral businessman will surely be trusted and respected, and naturally there will be more opportunities for success.
Cloud of the ancients: "The Power of morality, the power of morality, and the power of morality" means that we must regulate our behaviors with morality and cultivate ourselves continuously to achieve success in our life. In ancient and modern China and foreign countries, all true winners have achieved a high level in morality.
A large number of facts in reality show that failure is not a failure of ability, but a failure of human beings and morality.

9. DQ daring intelligence quotient
Daring intelligence quotient (DQ) is a measure of a person's guts, courage, and courage. It reflects a kind of adventurous spirit. A person with a high business leader can seize the opportunity. No matter what time it is, there is no courage to take risks, and it cannot be a climate at any time. All successful businessmen and politicians have extraordinary courage and courage.

10. MQ mental intelligence quotient
Mental intelligence (MQ) is the ability to maintain mental health, debug mental stress, and maintain a good psychological condition and vitality. The 21st century is the age of depression. We are facing greater psychological pressure to improve business continuity and maintain mental health. Modern people are eager for success, and success is increasingly dependent on a person's mental state, depending on a person's mental health. In a sense, the high or low level of business directly determines the hardships of life and the success or failure of life's fate.
There are many people in the world who have achieved great success. They suffer from psychological barriers due to the pressure and unhappiness of life, and a setback that is overwhelmed or unable to withstand life, even taking the road to failure to interpret the tragedy.

11. WQ will intelligence quotient
"Zhishang" is the will intelligence (WQ), which refers to a person's level of Will quality, including toughness, purpose, determination, and self-control. If you are willing to be able to learn and work hard, you will be highly conscious.
"The mind is not strong, the mind is not good, and the speech is not trustworthy." "diligence is a good training, and it is a hard job ". They demonstrate the principle that businessmen have an important impact on a person's wisdom. Life is Xiaozhi xiaocheng. Many people have a dull life, not because they have no talent, but lack ambition and clear development goals. This is especially true in the business world. To achieve an outstanding career, you must have ambitious aspirations.

12. SQ spiritual intelligence quotient
Spiritual intelligence quotient (abbreviated as sq) is the inspiration, epiphany, and intuitive thinking of the essence of things. He believes that creative scientists must have a clear intuition and imagination. Either Archimedes obtained inspiration from his bath and eventually discovered the law of buoyancy, Newton was inspired by the law of gravitation from the dropped apple, the discovery of the structure of the benzene ring caused by the dream of the beginning and end of the snake is an immortal example of the leap of spiritual commerce in the history of science.

There is no definite pattern for a successful life. The written theory alone cannot solve the actual problem. It also requires understanding and the flash of spiritual commerce. The key to cultivating spiritual business lies in continuous learning, observation, and thinking. We must dare to make bold assumptions and break through traditional thinking.


Understanding full-brain development and whole-brain learning

Doctor of Medicine at the University of California, spy's theory of "left-right brain division", American addon? Dr. Taylor's "subconscious Input Method" and Harvard University
Dana's "Multi-Intelligence Theory" is the theoretical basis and practical guide for our whole-brain development and learning.
1. What is "Whole Brain"
The whole brain mainly covers three levels, including the shortest IQ brain, EQ brain, and MQ (moral IQ) brain:
1. IQ brain leaders are mainly responsible for learning, remembering, understanding, judgment, and creation.
2. The EQ brain is mainly responsible for controlling people's emotions and personalities. Whether a person is optimistic, cheerful, or active is closely related to EQ.
3. The brain of MQ leads a person's personality. All his thoughts, ideas, and attitudes are related to MQ. With MQ, the personality of MQ tends to be positive and bright, confidence, courage, and intelligence are inherent manifestations that affect EQ, while EQ also affects IQ. The three are interlocking and affect the mechanism of life.
People may be unfamiliar with MQ (moral intelligence). However, it is the most important and fundamental part of the whole brain development. If a person has positive thoughts and bright enough, it can also be self-affirmed, confident, and less susceptible to environmental images. Naturally, its EQ is stable, IQ is certainly better than others, and the learning effect is good. Studies show that EQ is stable, its IQ is 25 times higher than that of others. In addition, the "Whole Brain" includes: CQ (number of creative businesses), HQ (number of healthy businesses), Sq (number of happy businesses), AQ (number of adversity businesses), and TQ (number of integrated businesses), SCSI (Love quotient), PQ (physical quotient), etc.
2. Full brain development = left brain + Right Brain (Comprehensive Development of each part of left and right brain)
"Whole-brain development" is also called "whole-person education". It is a comprehensive development of the whole body and body functions centered on the human brain. In accordance with the Law of human brain thinking and the law of Thinking Development, the corresponding content, forms, methods, and means are adopted in the process of education and teaching, train Students' thinking psychology, Thinking Forms, thinking methods, and thinking organs, develop good habits and quality of thinking, improve their thinking ability, and develop their emotions and personalities, in this way, students can quickly acquire knowledge to improve their learning ability, innovation and practical ability, improve their personality, and improve their overall quality. At the same time, students can consciously and scientifically use their brains, nourish their brains, and protect their brains.
Iii. Purpose of whole-Brain Development
Let thousands of children develop their full-brain potential, open the skylight of wisdom, cultivate unforgettable memories, and enhance their concentration, imagination, and creativity, each person becomes smart and intelligent, and each person has the opportunity to become a genius.
Iv. brain potential development focuses on Right Brain Development
◎ The left brain is a natural brain of a person. It records the knowledge of a person since his birth. It manages recent and immediate information, and the right brain is the "ancestor brain" of a person, storing all the information about genetic factors in human evolution since ancient times. Many things that I have not experienced can be mastered as soon as I get in touch.
◎ The right brain is the potential stimulating area, and the right brain will suddenly show deep signs of human spiritual life; the right brain is the creative explosion area, the right brain not only has magical memory capabilities but also high-speed information processing capabilities. People with advanced right brain will suddenly develop an illusion, an innovation, an invention ......;
◎ The right brain is a low-consumption and efficient work area. The right brain can compute complex mathematical problems at high speed without much energy. It has high-speed memory and high-quality memory, and has an unforgettable skill.
◎ A large number of human emotions are controlled by the right brain. The development brain potential focuses on right brain development. The goal is to give full play to the advantages of right brain, instead of replacing left brain thinking with right brain thinking, but to better combine left and right brain, the second collaboration between the human brain and the left and right brain fully mobilizes the potential of the human brain.
What is global learning?
Full brain learning is a new concept of the full brain super potential learning methods and strategies, and is the integration and development of Chinese and foreign achievements. Beyond the traditional simple skill method, the brain is developed from the strategic and tactical aspects to comprehensively improve learning, memory, and potential. Through full-brain learning and training, it helps learners increase efficiency and reduce losses. Let your child take off the wings during learning. Everyone has great potential to develop and activate these potentials, mobilize the positive factors of learning subjects, and invest in learning activities that train human high IQ, cultivate yourself from an ordinary person into a generation of talents.

1. Full-brain learning is to fully mobilize the right-brain multi-element-intelligence-to participate in learning activities, achieve a two-pronged approach, balance development, exert the potential of the brain, and maximize the learning efficiency. The improvement of a person's learning ability is not only a single improvement, but also the coordinated development of all aspects. Only when the overall level comes up can the overall strength come up. Full-brain learning consists of three aspects: knowledge learning, method learning, and emotional attitude learning. It is scientific, effective, and easy to understand. It allows learners to interact with each other's brain. Music and images are equivalent to brain Interaction. Learners interact with knowledge. Full brain learning is the golden key to the knowledge temple. The learning effect is determined by the learning ability. Learning Ability consists of learning methods, multi-cognition and learning strategies. The learning method is the core. "The most valuable knowledge is about methods," said dikaer, a world-famous French mathematician, philosopher, and scientific and methodologist ." Zhu Xi, a Chinese educator, said: "There must be a law, and then it can be done ". UNESCO also pointed out: "The illiterate people in the future are those who have not learned how to learn ."

2. the right brain has a huge learning potential
Through the whole brain learning training, the right brain can receive a lot of learning stimulation, not only can develop and retain a considerable part of the right brain potential, but also can promote the development of brain nerves, expand the brain capacity, and thus contribute to the development of the left brain. The right brain is mainly engaged in image thinking. It is the source of creativity and the hub of art and Experience Learning. the right brain stores 1 million times the size of the left brain. The memory on the left is "rote memorization", with a high forgetting rate. The memory of the right brain is "Image Memory", which is conducive to creative thinking and long-term memory by recognizing the shape and function types of objects. Talents are people who use their right brains. Famous experts and inventors often use the "prodigy" in their neighbors when they were young ". When I was a child, I unconsciously developed extraordinary right-brain memories, and these "prodigy" can become outstanding people. They don't need to spend a lot of energy on memory, so they have more time to use the large amount of memory they have stored for invention, creation, and pioneering activities.
Iii. Problems in reality
In real life, 95% of people only use their own left brain. Scientists pointed out that most people only use 3% of the brain in their lifetime ~ 4%, more than 95% of the remaining are hidden in the subconscious of the right brain. What a surprising and regrettable fact! It is even more regrettable that the current education system and teaching process in China have neglected the development of the right brain. The knowledge taught by teachers is mostly instilled into students through exercises, repetition, tests, and other methods, without exception, these methods only develop the left brain. In daily life, children rarely have the right brain development opportunity. As a famous educator said, "we are riding a bicycle on a single foot in developing the potential of the brain!

Other smart Q: (Comparison between Chinese and English)
AQ score providers achievement quotient
AQ Adversity Quotient
AQ aesthetic quotient aesthetics quotient
BQ balanced commodity count balancing quotient
BQ: bliss quotient
Beauty quotient
CQ creative commodity count creativity quotient
DQ guts quotient daring quotient
DQ developer count development quotient
DQ differentiation quotient distinguishability quotient
EQ emotional quotient
EQ educational vendors educational quotient
FQ financial quotient
FQ feel commodity feeling quotient
GQ global vendors globalization quotient
GQ God quotient
HQ happy business count happiness quotient
HQ health commodity count Health Quotient
IQ Intelligence commodity number intelligence quotient
JQ joke shop count joking quotient
KQ knowledge vendors knowledge quotient
Leadership quotient
SCSI love quotient
Kerberos learning quotient
MQ marketplace marketing quotient
MQ moral Merchant number moral quotient
MQ active vendors motivational quotient
MQ mature business count maturity quotient
NQ pure commodity neatness quotient
NQ nutrition vendors: nutrient quotient
Organization of OQ quotient
PQ perception quotient
PQ physical fitness vendor physical quotient
PQ patient commodity count patience quotient
PQ power quotient
Qq FAQ questioning quotient
RQ inferred quotient number reasoning quotient
RQ relational database relationship quotient
Sq original sentience quotient
Sq social business count social quotient
Sq spiritual quotient
Sq success count success quotient
Sq smile shop count smile quotient
Sq speed quotient
Sq service provider count serrice quotient
TQ time manager time quotient
TQ integrated vendor teamwork quotient
TQ theologie quotient
Uq understands the number of vendors understanding quotient
VQ speed vendors velocity quotient
WQ smart commodity number wisdom quotient
XQ experience quotient
Yq youth commodity count youth quotient
ZQ enthusiastic vendors zooming qoutient

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